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What is the World Pulse Online Community?

The World Pulse Online Community is an inviting, authentic, and supportive web-based platform that any woman worldwide may use to speak out on issues that are important to her. Here, you’ll find that your voice has great value. You will forge new and deep friendships and identify with a worldwide network of women and allies working for global change. We encourage you to share your own stories, dreams, and solutions here. It is also a great place to access, request, or offer needed resources; share information about events; collaborate with others doing similar work; and build movements to accelerate your impact on the world. Please join us!

Our Online Community consists of various sections:

  • Community Voices: Here you will find all public journal posts and group entries from all community members. This is a place to hear what the community is talking about.
  • Training: You can access training information and resources to empower your growth.
  • Resource Exchange: A community bulletin board where you can access and share time-bound opportunities and resources in support of women’s empowerment.
  • Resource Library: A space to share and access toolkits, manuals, guides, and best practices on a range of topics.
  • Events: You can find events you’re interested in and post events that you think other members would be interested in attending.
  • Group Directory: Here you will find a list of groups where members can connect based on shared interests. We will be adding new groups over time which will offer more opportunities for learning and engaging. Check back!
  • Member Directory: Here you can find community members with similar interests located near you.
What Does It Cost For Me to Join?

Absolutely nothing. World Pulse's online community is a free service, available to all who have interest and willingly abide by Our Community Values and our Terms of Service.

Can My Organization Join The Community?

We invite employees and members of organizations to join our online community as individuals to support women’s empowerment together across the globe!  If you would like share information about your organization with our community, please post this in our new Resource Library for greater visibility. We also encourage you to post your organization’s resources and events. A new offering for organizations themselves to join our Online Community is in development and will be released in 2016. For further information, please contact us.

Is World Pulse Offered in Different Languages?

We are excited to announce that our new website is now available in French. Stay tuned as we add additional languages in the future!

You can choose to use our website in English or French by indicating in your user profile your language under the “LOCATION SETTINGS.” This will set your default website navigation, page headers, and instructions to your desired language. This, however, does not mean content posted in English or French will be automatically translated. We continue to depend on our bilingual community members to volunteer to translate for us. Find out more.  

In addition, you can click on the Google Translate “Select Language” button at the top right of the site and view website content in any language you select!

Here are some guidelines for communicating on our site:

  • Be patient and helpful in your online communications. Show respect for the differences and difficulties that can arise due to language barriers.
  • If you are multilingual, offer your expertise on Resource Exchange and translate your own content when possible.
  • Facilitate language learning by posting manuals and other materials in the Resource Library.

Learn more about World Pulse's online culture from Our Community Values.

Does World Pulse Offer Grants, Micro-loans or Other Types of Funding?

World Pulse is an open forum for communication and resource sharing. World Pulse does not provide direct funding or offer grants or loans.  We aim to give you the tools to connect you with the people who do. Our goal is to create a website that helps you find and access the resources you need. If you have a financial need, we encourage you to post it on our Resource Exchange board and fill out a complete member profile. To post a financial need, go to "My Pulse" and select "New Need or Offer". Remember, the more information you provide about yourself and your needs, the more likely you are to receive a supportive response from within the community.

We also have posted a "Guide to Fundraising" in our Resource Library. This provides tips for fundraising and a space for members to share additional resources and best practices.

What is World Pulse's Privacy Policy?

Our team is committed to protecting your need for privacy. We will not provide or sell information about you to any outside partners. To learn more about World Pulse's Privacy policy, go to:

Though we encourage transparency in online interactions, we understand that some users will want to keep their identity private. For this reason, we've created a flexible member profile that allows you to choose how much personal information you share with the community. You can use the site anonymously, of course, but be aware that the community is much more likely to respond to the needs of members who are known and trusted. If your privacy needs prevent you from finding what you need on Resource Exchange, you may contact us to find out how we can help.

Learn more about managing your profile for maximum security.

what are world pulse's terms of service?

At World Pulse we are dedicated to creating a community that is governed by integrity, authenticity and respect for all voices. Please click here to view our Terms of Service.

What is World Pulse's history?

World Pulse was founded by Jensine Larsen when she was a young freelance journalist traveling the world and hearing some of the most important stories rarely mentioned in mass media. She knew it was her calling to create a global media source where women could be the messengers of their own stories. In 2003, Jensine launched World Pulse as a nonprofit media organization in order to launch a bold and beautiful new magazine, one that would cut to the heart of global problems through the eyes of women and highlight solutions already underway. The premiere issue of World Pulse Magazine debuted in 2004. Thousands of individuals and grassroots organizations took notice. Newsstand sales were double the average for new publications and the magazine was nominated for "Best International Coverage" and "Best New Title" of 2004 and 2005 by the Independent Press Awards. In 2007, our eyes turned to the future of communications technology, and we began to pioneer the development of our online community to complement the print magazine. This allowed our readers to directly connect with the women in the published stories, and allowed more women to share their stories. Today, the World Pulse Online Community is an inviting, authentic, and supportive social platform that any woman worldwide may use to speak out on issues that are important to her.  While the final issue of the print magazine was released in 2011, our editorial desk still publishes the best of community content to Voices Rising, and amplifies those voices out into the world!

How Do I Send Feedback/Ask Questions?

Do you have questions or ideas about new ways to network and share information on World Pulse? Contact us!

How do I Change my Username?

At this moment there is not a way for you to personally change your username on World Pulse. To change your username, contact us with your current and desired new username and we will change it for you.

How do I Change my Password?

If you want to change your password, select "My Account" from the “My Pulse” drop-down tab. Type your new password where it says “Change Password.” Then retype your new password where it says “Confirm Password”. You will also be asked to type in your old password. Do so, then click “Save” to save your changes.

What If I Have Forgotten My Password or Username?

If you have forgotten your password, click on “Log in”. This will take you to the User Account page where you will find a "Request New Password" tab. Click on the tab and enter your username or the email address associated with your World Pulse account. Then select “E-mail New Password.” We will send a new password to your personal email account that will direct you to your World Pulse account.

If you have forgotten your username you can use your email address to log onto the website instead. Your username will then appear on your profile page under your picture in the upper right side of the page.

How Do I Make Changes to My User Account or Profile?
  • You can return to your profile at any time to change your email address or password, select your timezone, and update your profile photo, language settings and more.
  • Access your account by selecting “Login” at the top right. You’ll then be prompted to re-enter your username and private password.
  • Go to “My Pulse” and click on the "Edit Profile" tab.
  • From there, you can edit your account, upload a photo, edit your profile, or edit your notification settings. Look for the “Account” and “Edit Profile” buttons to navigate between private account and public profile settings.
How do I find what I’m looking for (Search)?

There are multiple ways to find a specific posting or user.

  1. Use the SEARCH bar in the top menu. Type a keyword, a post title or a member’s username into the SEARCH bar and click return. You will get a list of search results that can be sorted or filtered. Note: If you are searching for another member, or your own member profile, we suggest you do so in our Member Directory.
  2. Go to the area of the site you are interested in and click on “More” for a listing of that type of post. On most list pages you can filter by topic or region and then sort by most recent, most commented on, or most recommended. For example, go to the bottom of the Resource Exchange page and click “More Resources”. There you will find ways to narrow your search within Resource Exchange postings.
I Have Read a Journal Entry or Comment that I Find Threatening, Offensive or Harmful. What Should I do?

All World Pulse content can be reported as spam or inappropriate content by clicking the stop sign icon to the right of each post or comment. An email alert will automatically be sent to World Pulse's administrators, who will determine the appropriate course of action. Examples of inappropriate content are commercial advertising, threats, offensive language, or "spam".

Don’t worry if you report spam by accident, you can “Undo” by simply clicking the stop sign icon again.

Note: Copyright violations fall outside the "inappropriate" category and should not be flagged for our administrators. Instead, gently point out the mistake in a comment or email so that the user has the opportunity to revise their post.

how can i stay safe online?

Raising your voice about issues important to you is vital. However, writing about politically-charged issues or asking tough questions can also put you at risk for intimidation, surveillance, or physical violence.

Please refer to our Safety and Security Toolkit for information and resources to help you take steps to protect your safety, without compromising your bold voice.

How Do I Add Friends?

Don't be shy! Ask a member who has commented on your journal entry or whose offer, need, or journal post has sparked your interest to be a part of your community.

  • Find a member whom you wish to add to your "Friends" listing.
  • Click on their username or profile picture.
  • You will be taken to their profile page. Under their photo, click on the "Add to my friends" button.
  • They will receive an email notification, at which point they’ll either "accept" or "reject" the new connection. To check friend invitations you’ve received, go to “My Pulse” and click on "Friends”, then “Friend Requests”.
How Do I Invite My Friends to Join World Pulse?

On the World Pulse homepage, you’ll see a sharing tool off to the right of the page that gives you a variety of ways to share our website with your friends. Hover your mouse over the tool to share the page via Facebook, email, Twitter, etc.

What is the difference between a journal and a group post?

When creating a new post you have multiple options for where to post it. Where you post may affect who can view your post:

  • Posting in your Journal – Journal posts are added to your personal collection of entries, visible in your World Pulse profile as well as on the Community homepage. Visibility of these posts depends on the privacy settings you select: either public (meaning all online readers may view your post), or private (meaning your posts will only be viewable to you).
  • Posting to a Group – This function allows you to post something you’ve written to a specific group. When beginning to write a new post, you will be given the option to select a group for your post. Keep in mind:
    • You must be a member of a group to post in it.
    • You will be able to view your post within the group.
    • Your group post will be public, meaning anyone on the internet will be able to view it.
    • If you wish to post in multiple groups, you must copy your post and repost it in each new group.
What are the privacy settings for journal and group posts?

When creating a new journal post you have two options for who can view your post:

  • Public – This allows anyone on the internet to view your post. They do not have to be a member of World Pulse in order to view your post.
  • Private – This only allows you to view your post. No one else can view it.

When posting to a group:

  • Your group post will be public, meaning anyone on the internet will be able to view it.

When posting a resource - All Resource Exchange, Resource Library, and Event posts are assumed to be public so that all readers can see them and take advantage of them.

Where can I find training resources and toolkits?

World Pulse training materials, such as our highly praised Digital Empowerment and Voices of Our Future Trainings, can be found here, on the “Community” tab drop-down menu on our homepage. More information and trainings for our Community Leadership Program and various volunteer opportunities can also be found here.

What is the Resource Library?

World Pulse staff- and community-recommended informational resources and toolkits can be found in the Resource Library. These include:

  • Guides and toolkits
  • Links to informational audio and video materials
  • Organizations of interest
  • Various reports
  • Websites, blogs and infographics of interest
What is the Resource Exchange? How can I post a Need or an Offer?

Resource Exchange is a place to post either a “Need” for or an “Offer” of:

  • An opportunity such as a job, fellowship or contest
  • Funding such as available grants, scholarships, micro-loans, fundraising or travel support
  • Training and mentorship. Examples include opportunities for training in business planning, leadership or organizational management.
  • Other needs or offers of supplies, equipment, good and services, etc.

Resources posted in Resource Exchange expire after 60 days or earlier. This will enable easier searching of currently available resources. If your resource is needed or available for longer, you can find and edit your post in your “Contribution” listing on your profile page to extend its expiration date.

How can I find an Event? How can I share information about Events?

Creating an Event allows you to share about an event of interest to readers of World Pulse. You can indicate if the event is:

  • Online such as a webinar or online training accessible to anyone
  • Offline such as a conference in a specific city and country

Once the date of an event passes, the event will no longer appear in the Event listing page; however, if you wish to find information about a past event you can search for it in the SEARCH bar at the top of the site.

What is the Voices Rising page?

The World Pulse Voices Rising page is where you can find top stories from global changemakers on World Pulse. Be inspired by the solutions women are leading and learn about these urgent issues affecting women’s lives.

How can I or my organization b published on World Pulse?

At World Pulse, anyone can be self-published by posting to a group or in their journal in our online community. Visit our Be Published page to learn how your story can reach an even wider audience through the World Pulse Story Awards program.

Who are World Pulse’s partners? How Do I Become a Partner?

Partners play a key role in World Pulse accomplishing its vision. We have invested in fruitful partnerships with some of the top women’s empowerment organizations in the world and have collaborated with a diverse array of actors who are critical in leveraging our unique strengths to accelerate global impact. For more information or to learn how to become a partner, visit our Partners page.

What is the World Pulse Online Community Leadership Program?

Here at World Pulse, we recognize that you are leaders not only on the ground in your communities, but in the World Pulse online community as well. World Pulse Community Leadership roles recognize and support leadership and initiative taken by World Pulse Community members to engage online. Each role is represented by a badge, which appears on one’s profile and journal posts. The current online community leadership roles include Vocal Contributor, Welcomer, Listener, Translator, Community Champion, Voices of Our Future Correspondent, and Mentor. To learn more about these roles, visit the Community Leadership Program page. To see who our current World Pulse community leaders are, go to the Member Directory and filter your member search by badge.

Where can I view past World Pulse digital action campaigns?

Past World Pulse campaigns can be found on our Take Action page, located on the “Get Involved” drop-down menu on our homepage.