A Mother's Day Gift of Inspiration from the World Pulse Community

This Mother's Day, meet the women behind the scenes who have shaped the extraordinary leaders in World Pulse's global community. Throughout the Girls Transform the World Campaign, many of you wrote about the mothers, the mentors, the heroes, and the cherished family members who have made you who you are today. You have introduced us to daughters who open your hearts to life's adventures, grandmothers who instilled wisdom and worth, mothers and big sisters who made the kind of sacrifices that can never be repaid—only paid forward.

From Monaco to Bolivia to Zimbabwe, the World Pulse community is bursting with inspiration.


h3>Read the heartfelt tributes, poems, and letters here.



Looking for a way to honor your mother this Mother's Day? Send her this link and let her know that she is part of a global legacy of mothers creating a better world.

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Thanks for the honor. I am proud to be associated with World Pulse. I really appreciate you guys.

Phionah Musumba Founder/Executive Director Malkia Foundation & Centre for Disadvantaged Girls, Kenya P.O Box 9461 - 00300, Nairobi, Kenya Facebook: Phionah Musumba Twitter: @KenyaGals LinkedIn: Phionah Musumba Skype: phionah.anguzuzu.musumba

Thank you so much WP for giving me the opportunity to be a part of this amazing network! Thank you for selecting my piece to be one among the many amazing, heartfelt and emotional pieces done by these wonderful women. It is such an honor!

Much love & respect xoxoxo

It is an honor to meet all of you, read your articles and to be inspired by all of you.

Thank you.


Wendy Stebbins Founder/CEO I AM ONE IN A MILLION Non-Profit Organization focused on helping street orphans and vulnerable children in Livingstone, Zambia Africa.

Amazing, heartfelt tributes to the most precious person of our lives- our moms. Thank you World Pulse for the great honor. I showed and read some of the pieces to my mom, on mother's day, and she was so happy :) Thank you once again !


Mukut Ray