World Pulse Funders in the News: The 50 Most Powerful Women in U.S. Philanthropy

Inside Philanthropy just named the 50 most powerful women in U.S. Philanthropy, and four World Pulse funders made the list! We wish to recognize them here for their incredible commitment to women's empowerment around the globe, and to World Pulse:

Jennifer Buffett is co-president of The NoVo Foundation, which is known for being on the cutting edge of philanthropy and especially in the area of women's and girls' empowerment.

Donna Hall is president and CEO of Women Donors Network, a group of over 200 women who support causes such as reproductive justice, racial equity, economic opportunity, and civic equality. 

Ruth Ann Harnisch "pops up everywhere in the gender equality world," and is the founder of the Harnisch Foundation, known for its innovative grantmaking on women and media.

Jacki Zehner is president and Chief Engagement Officer of the network Women Moving Millions, which has to date given at least $500 million to benefit women and girls.

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Congratulations to these women!!! It's usually very rewarding to donate to make the change process fast and efficient which affects many lives. This recognition of your philanthropic deeds is evident of the fact that you are really the reason why so many have better the conditions in which life, culture and ignorance have put them. Remain favoured in all you do four powerful ladies!!!

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