World Pulse Community Member Busayo from Nigeria Wins $25,000 IMAGINE Prize

7 March, 2016—Congratulations to World Pulse Community Leader, Busayo Obisakin! Busayo, who has been active with World Pulse for seven years, has been an incredible leader in our community as a Vocal Contributor, Listener, and Voices of Our Future Graduate in 2009. She has led the Economic Empowerment Group and currently facilitates the Gender-Based Violence Group as a Community Champion, and she has just led a training for the Voices of Our Future Winter Class of 2016!

Now, Josie Maran Cosmetics and the Empowerment Institute announce Busayo Obisakin and her NGO Women’s Inspiration Center as the winner of the third annual Josie Maran Cosmetics IMAGINE Prize for her outstanding work with IMAGINE Nigeria. The prize of $25,000 will be awarded directly to Women’s Inspiration Center for the continuation of its work with IMAGINE Nigeria. The award will be presented on March 8 International Women’s Day, in Nairobi, Kenya where Busayo will be attending the Advanced IMAGINE Africa Training. The Josie Maran Cosmetics IMAGINE Prize is awarded annually to the IMAGINE NGO Partner who has demonstrated the following:

1. A passionate understanding and commitment to IMAGINE’S four-day Empowerment Workshop and it’s capacity to deliver agency as the missing piece in the empowerment 

2. A proven capacity to make the necessary cultural translation both in the written materials as well as the delivery of the four-day Empowerment Workshop.

3. Completion of the minimum of 200 women trained in the four-day Empowerment Workshop along with the careful documentation of results demonstrating the impact of the four-day workshop to deliver agency and self–efficacy to participants.

4. An ongoing commitment to IMAGINE’S work in her country through: continued innovation in reaching larger numbers of her population, continued commitment to the careful documentation of results of the four-day mpowerment Workshop, and a passion in helping to shape the future of IMAGINE as a global initiative.

Busayo Obisakin has not only fulfilled these criterion, but gone way beyond them in the numbers of women she has trained, her innovation with the Empowerment Workshop within the Global Cookstove Alliance, her presentation of the Empowerment work in Liberia, and her innovation with her husband Makanjuola Obisakin offering the Empowerment Workshop to the men of Nigeria. She has shown a rare and exemplary strength under frequently difficult circumstances. 


Congratulations to you sister Busayo for this great award. You make me proud and WP family. But most importantly motivate me to look more into what I can tap from you to be a better leader. But thank you for your open heart that has continued to share knowledge with us.

You will keep growing


Good luck

Grace Ikirimat

"It takes the hammer of persistence to drive the nail of success."

Congratulations sister Busayo for this great award.

Keep the good work.

You're are  inspiring many women and girls.

Remain Blessed



Congratulations Sister,

You are a great leader!

Every time I'm on World Pulse and I see you name alone makes me proud. You are doing an awesome work, keep going from Glory to Glory...!


Powerful stuff Amai.

Mbizo ChirashaInternational Perfomances Poet, Writer ,Creative/Literary Projects SpecialistFounder/Creative Director- Girlchildcreativity Project

Congratulations . Keep the good work  and  keep keeping on. Together we will reach there .We are behind  you   pal .  My email is would like to feature you on  my blog  of women of resilence please navigate it  and write back to me  ,




Mbizo ChirashaInternational Perfomances Poet, Writer ,Creative/Literary Projects SpecialistFounder/Creative Director- Girlchildcreativity Project

Hello madam Busayo, congrats on your achievement, the accolades here is enough to prove to anyone that you worked hard. I am new here however and finding it difficult to understand all these and every other thing here. Pls can you help? Thanks. 


Dear GalPower,

Welcome to World Pulse! Your message from 16 August was sent to me as I am the one who wrote this post, and have been away for the month of August. I will be happy to help introduce you to the World Pulse platform and community, and will send you a more detailed message momentarily.

In solidarity,