World Pulse Enters Knight News Challenge

World Pulse needs your help! We’ve submitted a proposal to the Knight News Challenge in hopes of securing a grant that would allow us to upgrade to better serve your needs. We need your comments, likes, and reblogs to advance to the next level!

The Knight News Challenge is an international media innovation contest seeking projects that use the best of existing software and platforms, already integrated into people's lives, to find new ways to convey information.

Our proposal is focused on upgrading the platform to provide you—our incredible community of outspoken women leaders—with greater tools to broadcast your stories, needs, and solutions. This grant would allow us to incorporate the features you have asked for, including cell-phone reporting capabilities, multimedia functionality that doesn't slow down your network, improved translation services, and increase the ability for readers, international publications, and networks to access your writing and connect directly with you to support your vision.

The contest judges are taking into account the engagement of community members on Tumblr through March 29th. We invite you to show your vocal support by “liking” our submission through Tumblr and by posting a comment that expresses both how your experience as a vocal participant in our online community has impacted your life and how a major upgrade of our platform could improve your ability to report as a citizen journalist, network globally, or realize your vision for change.

We currently have over 70 comments from World Pulse supporters! Add your voice to the conversation today, and read the inspiring words of your fellow community members.

Please note that in order to "like" our submission you will need to register a Tumblr account, which is a quick process but involves a couple steps. You can add your comments without registering for a new account.

Help us build a better and share your enthusiasm with the Knight News Challenge to help us win the contest!

  • Read our submission on Tumblr, and leave your comments by March 29th.
  • Share our submission with your networks on Facebook, Twitter and through email.

Thank you for your support!