Advanced digital change making online workshops have been eye-opening, enriching and all in all empowering. The training has challenged me to think outside of my own box. I found that more often than not we create comfort zones such that we fail to see when the comfort zone is no longer comfortable. I have had to ask again, why are we still fighting for women's voices to be heard in 2017 because the advent of social media brought with it endless opportunities for women to be heard, but I found that for women's voices to be heard requires more than just the speaking.  There is the how why when where that is so contextual to each every woman on the globe.

Indeed, the workshops have also helped me to rethink writing in the digital age. Who do you write for and why? Why is it important to for me as a woman to find my voice on the internet, which is in itself the belly of a beast.


Hi Edinah. Thanks for your post. It's great to hear that you're receiving great training and a new perspective. I think it's always important to move out of our comfort zones in order to grow in this life:-)


I see in you a talented and gifted writer -- bold and articulate, powerful and precise, able to communicate stories of great impact with ease. I'm glad you are finding inspiration in your World Pulse training, and look forward to learning more about your personal story and your work! Keep on posting!!