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During our last Digital Changemaking class we discussed resources maps. Different exercises helped me realize how many resources I already have to pursue my goal and where are the gaps that need to be filled.

In overcoming my challenges and pursuing my dreams I try to use the “step by step” approach: taking one step at a time, not rushing things too much, allowing myself to take the time I need. I always try to bear in mind that each step makes me closer to my goal and that lasting change takes time. 

The resources that I am most proud of: 

1)    Social Assets – network of specialist.  While being a psychology student I took part in student exchange program. I studied and worked in North Wales, United Kingdom and California, United States of America. It allowed me to receive an education and experience abroad. What is even more important, I have met students and specialist, who are willing to cooperate with me even after the termination of the exchange program. I can share my ideas with them and ask them for their opinion and support.  Here in Warsaw, I am lucky to work in a group of experts, who are devoted to their job. Observing their work is a great learning opportunity.  

2)    Material Assets – toys for my future organization.  I know that I will need a lot of founds to build my organization for treating children with autism. This is something I still need to work on.  For now, I decided to collect at least some materials that I could use in the future. In child therapy we use many toys, because we treat play as a learning opportunity for children. That is why I made a crowdsourcing in my family and circle of friends. I asked them for toys that were no longer used by their children. By now, I collected few bags filled out with different toys that I can use in my future organization.

3)    Educational Assets – education in Applied Behaviour Analysis.  While being an exchange student I was lucky to receive extensive education in applied behaviour analysis. Therapeutic treatments build upon this branch of psychology are considered as "evidence based treatments" for autism. In California, this therapeutic approach is used as “treatment-as-usual” for children with autism, as it gives very good outcomes. At the same time, this approach is still not well recognized in Poland. I am thankful for my education, as it allows me to spread the knowledge about this treatment in my country. 

Whenever I feel overwhelmed by my future plans and tasks I listen to this song:


Lyrics to this song reminds me that “You can change your life. It just takes time. A little trust and your time”.

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Hi Joanna. Thanks for sharing your post and grateful, positive energy. At least you have a clear idea of where you are going which is huge and a lot of resources at your disposal. You will get there, you will be so proud and you will make such a difference:-)


Thank you for sharing your resources. You are wise to take one step at a time and give yourself time to grow and to rest. I agree that music is a powerful tool for inspiration and healing!


Dear Joanna,

It's great to read about all your educational resources and assets.

I thoroughly enjoyed listening to your track.

Best wishes and regards


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