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'Boresha Dada; Defying patriachal Trends: Collaboratively Investing in the Future of the Girl Child'

Boresha Dada is Swahili and it means “Make a Girls' Life Better” in English language. It is a global campaign that addresses the growing rate of teenage pregnancy and lack of basic knowledge and survival skills among adolescent girls; by raising awareness, building partnerships and influencing policies in the health and education sectors that will help in mitigating teenage pregnancies among girls. The campaign seeks to mobilize individuals, communities, institutions and governments to unanimously take up the responsibility of creating lifetime opportunities for girls and help girls and boys in preventing unintended pregnancy. This campaign envisions the use of digital media to create an enabling environment for girls and particularly teen moms to thrive and lead self sustaining lives by defying societal norms or patriarchal trends. This campaign also helps in achieving Sustainable Development Goals(SDGs) which are Good health and well being, gender equality and decent work and economic growth.

Desired Outcome

Boresha Dada aims to sensitize and bring awareness about the need for sexual reproductive and health rights (SRHR) and survival skills;  to help in reducing the dropout rates of girls in school, reduce teenage pregnancies, create alternative sources of income generation for young women and girls while keeping their dignity intact, mold young girls and women into whole beings who are independent and dependable.

Specific objectives of the DAC

1. Consolidate support while encouraging community action to make the campaign visible both at the local and global level.

2. Act as a channel where young and old people from both genders openly discuss comprehensive Sexuality Education, adolescent sexual health and defying societal norms to support teen moms in an all round approach.

3. Will lead to a global advocacy campaign for adolescent/youth friendly health services.

4. Create awareness of teenage pregnancy and sensitize both local and international media on the need for reporting on issues facing adolescents that can be put on a larger development context.

Target Audience

The campaign’s direct beneficiaries are girls aged 13-19 years who are vulnerable teen moms from low income households in Western Kenya. My larger target audience includes religious & educational institutions, communities, governments, media houses, other like minded local and international agencies.(WORLD PULSE, UNFPA,PACHO, AKILI DADA, PLAN, INSPIREIT) who are also potential partners in this campaign and various programs under the same.

Important factors for this campaign are partnerships, collaboration and linkages with like minded organizations, stakeholders, policy makers and CHWs who work on health specifically SRHR and education will help in connecting the girls with resources.

Participatory community approaches both online and offline where teen/ young women are involved, influential people contributing their voices in breaking patriarchal trends and societal norms and beliefs in context of sexual education and teenage pregnancy. For example not reintegrating teen moms back to school, need for vocational institutions to admit teen moms

Media and campaign activities that will create a ripple effect

For successful implementation of this campaign there will be two phases each lasting 6months from June to November 2017 and from December 2017 to June 2018. I will also use various media platforms to rally for support including and not limited to emails, photos, videos, audio, infographics, live tweets, Facebook on Social Media( World Pulse, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram), Linked In), Blogs and Campaign and Akili Dada Websites, Mass and Print Media(Radio,Television,Newspapers and Magazines) IEC Materials(Tshirts, bags,mats, posters, hand bands)

The audience for these campaign will be engaged through a range of activities; newspaper reviews, skills training and workshops, Community Outreach Programs, Online and Offline discussions, radio & television shows, documentaries, stories on World Pulse and other blogs, reports. However the campaign faces potential barriers including language barrier and unstable or limited or expensive internet access within my local community these will be overcome by use of Swahili language during radio and TV shows and print media. I will also Use  scenarios that elicit anger, pain and empathy for example

 Participants Actions

1. Support the campaigns petition towards advocacy for adolescent/youth friendly SRHR services organizing seminars, workshops free of charge that will encourage peer to peer discussions.

2. Give recommendations on the best practices or report improvement of livelihoods of teen moms through writings, audio-visuals and art.

3. Report and participate in various events of the DAC and its related programs

4. Support petitions that will advocate for policies that create an enabling environment for the girl child and young women to thrive

5. Support the campaign fundraising efforts through crowdfunding, donations and buying the various handmade products like bags, crotched mats, clothes and jewellery.

6. Forge partnerships and Influence behaviour change among adolescents/teens, general attitudes and societal norms, cultures and patriarchal trends that are harmful for adolescent girls as regards SRHR and education through stories, videos, audio visuals, plays, poems, songs, paintings, Q&A.

Reporting will be done by:

1. Encouraging beneficiaries to participate share their success stories by join online and offline discussions or call in during radio and television shows this will inspire people to act and champion for girls rights

2.Holding press meetings/conferences to share on successes, milestones and challenges

3.Share posts,photos, inforgraphics, videos, audio visuals, written reports on Website and social media. For Example, We have supported more than 30 young girls who dropped out of school as a result of unintended pregnancy with training in sewing, crocheting and baking skills for enterprise development. With your support we can reach 50 more girls in western Kenya.



How to Get Involved

Facebook, Boresha Dada

Email: boreshadada@yahoo.com

#BoreshaDada#InvestingInfutureofGirls# MakeaGirlsLifeBetter



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Hello Immah,

this is a great course you are taking on. Alot of ignorance in the area of sex education leading to unnecessary hardships.  Well done.


Dear Funmi,

Thank you for the encouragement, I think we live in era where youngsters have so much that negatively influences them as they transition. Its proper that they are guided to grow as responsible humans. Sex education will offer them a chance to make informed decisions.



Dear Immaculate,

I am really proud of how far you have come!

Your perseverance and determination is amazing.

Sex education through 'Boresha Dada' will definitely offer more young girls in Kenya a chance to learn more about sex and how to make informed decisions.

Well done sis!

hi Immah,

Sex education is really needed especially in our part of the world since parents are uncomfortable talking to their teens about sex. Well done sis.


Dear Adanna,

Thank you for cheering me on always.

 You been a support system, offering advice, knowledge and expertise

Thank you so much sis!

Asante sana dada!!

Ekele gi nke ukwuu nwanne m nwananyi!!

We will keep working together

Much love


Imma, I love your pitch! great speech and angles of the camara. 

Also your campaign is very complete and a lot of girls will benefit from it. It looks like you have all figured out. Keep the great work your are doing!

Hi Imma, this is a grate job, and it will go along way to reduce teenage pregnancy, and also empower the  young women and girls.


Jane Kalu

My cheer leader sister.

Thank you for always encouraging me Jane. Thank you for your support.

Naekele gi nwanne m nwanu nwanyi.




great campaign. yes you will definitely empower the you girls and fight ignorance. waiting for updates

Sally Maforchi Mboumien

Founder/Coordinator COMAGEND Cameroon

Facebook Page: common action for Gender Development


Dear Sally,

Thank you for leaving an encouragement, you too are doing a great job with helping in reducing unitended pregnancy.

Keep going



Dear Amoit,

This kind of work is the bedrock on which change can happen. It is so encouraging to read your plan because of your loving focus on teenage girls, and your daring reach to make this a model that can be used for similar work in so many places. Your plans to link with partners and like minded organizations is a reminder of how much stronger we are when we take the time to create these connections.

Congratulations and best wishes for all you are doing.

In sisterhood,