Busia County First Lady Judy receiving Sanitary Towels from Jhpiego at WETECs Mentorship Camp

Educate and economically empower teen moms with me! Here are a few ways you can get involved:

Help fund our organization!

We teach teen mothers practical skills to help them earn a decent living. Here’s what your gift can help us accomplish:

  • Just $3 will help us teach one girl to crochet
  • $10 will teach one girl to sew
  • $30 will help us buy training materials for our crochet, beading and sewing classes.

Click here to donate now!

Donate supplies for our training programs Sewing machines, yarn, crochet needles, sewing thread and good quality material (for clothing and bags) help keep our training program costs low.

Books about sexual and reproductive health rights, or crochet and sewing, will help us to improve the educational materials available to our students.

Share your expertise We are seeking volunteers:

  • Marketing:  to market the products made by our girls.
  • Writing and Fundraising: for media relations and proposal writing.
  • Teaching:  we seek volunteer teachers to help train our girls on reproductive health and sewing designs.

Spread the word!

  • Please follow me on World Pulse and on Facebook and share my posts to your networks!
  • Do you know of opportunities to share what we are doing? Please consider recommending me for speaking opportunities or exhibitions on topics like reproductive rights, women’s economic empowerment, and gender equality.

Please message me on World Pulse if you would like to donate supplies, share your expertise, or share an opportunity!

How to Get Involved

Facebook, Boresha Dada

Email: boreshadada@yahoo.com

#BoreshaDada#InvestingInfutureofGirls# MakeaGirlsLifeBetter



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Hello Immah,

this is a great course you are taking on. Alot of ignorance in the area of sex education leading to unnecessary hardships.  Well done.


Dear Funmi,

Thank you for the encouragement, I think we live in era where youngsters have so much that negatively influences them as they transition. Its proper that they are guided to grow as responsible humans. Sex education will offer them a chance to make informed decisions.



Dear Immaculate,

I am really proud of how far you have come!

Your perseverance and determination is amazing.

Sex education through 'Boresha Dada' will definitely offer more young girls in Kenya a chance to learn more about sex and how to make informed decisions.

Well done sis!

hi Immah,

Sex education is really needed especially in our part of the world since parents are uncomfortable talking to their teens about sex. Well done sis.


Dear Adanna,

Thank you for cheering me on always.

 You been a support system, offering advice, knowledge and expertise

Thank you so much sis!

Asante sana dada!!

Ekele gi nke ukwuu nwanne m nwananyi!!

We will keep working together

Much love


Imma, I love your pitch! great speech and angles of the camara. 

Also your campaign is very complete and a lot of girls will benefit from it. It looks like you have all figured out. Keep the great work your are doing!

Hi Imma, this is a grate job, and it will go along way to reduce teenage pregnancy, and also empower the  young women and girls.


Jane Kalu

My cheer leader sister.

Thank you for always encouraging me Jane. Thank you for your support.

Naekele gi nwanne m nwanu nwanyi.




Dear Sally,

Thank you for leaving an encouragement, you too are doing a great job with helping in reducing unitended pregnancy.

Keep going



Dear Amoit,

This kind of work is the bedrock on which change can happen. It is so encouraging to read your plan because of your loving focus on teenage girls, and your daring reach to make this a model that can be used for similar work in so many places. Your plans to link with partners and like minded organizations is a reminder of how much stronger we are when we take the time to create these connections.

Congratulations and best wishes for all you are doing.

In sisterhood,


Dear Tam

Thank you so much for your encouraging words, and thank you for taking timeto read almost every article and story on World Pulse.


Adolescent girls are our now and future, the earlier we support their exercising their rights and aspirations.It  is also true that together we are stronger. World  Pulse is a good example of connecting and working with others, I do admire how you tirelessly work to pass this message across the globe

Much love