"Land of Promise, Land of Glory" That phrase in my Country's national Anthem describes perfectly where i come from. Cameroon my beautiful Cameroon, Africa in Miniature as it is popularly called is the land of my birth.

oops! Did i mention it is a land of promise and glory because of the lense through which i now perceive it?

Growing up in Cameroon and seeing the reality of life therein is nothing compared to what  the anthem says. I am the second of three children of my parents. I became conscious of the challenges of growing up in cameroon very early when i lost my Father. For the first time I began experiencing what was common amongst several families;struggle for survival, education, and earning a living.I saw my mother struggle with her civil servant job to send us to the best schools, give us the best she could afford and make us feel loved.This is the mindset with which i pursued my education, a mindset full of assurance and hope for a great life. when i had the chance to choose what to do with my life i knew i had to help others sail through the so evident pessimism and misery and emerge untainted by them. I knew i had to bring to life the 'land of promise, land of Glory' in every heart. I knew i had to make others see possibilities in their challenges, see solutions in their problems. I knew i had above all to stay back home and be an incarnation of what i had come to believe and live and inspire others.

My present challenge is to see how i can bring this to as many people as i can in every community. Attimes it feels one person at a time is slow and that is why am grateful for online communities and opportunities like world pulse as a tool to not only to learn but reach out to women world wide.

Women in my community face a whole lot of problems principal among is an identity crisis. Many are still seeking things, people etc to define who they are. Many have gotten into marriages because of status, got jobs because of the status it confers, live lives that make them appear as 'in vogue'. We have an alarming number of young widows, young divorcees, single parents because of this one problem ;Identity who am l?This led me to study more on that and i opted for personal branding. I set up a communication consultancy (karacomminications.com) with the aim of bringing people out from that state to a place of consciousness of who you are and what you can do to contribute to your community and world.I also blog alot about issues touching identity and development to share my experiences and those of others so as to inspire and  empower women. www.leilakigha.com).

In order to inspire more women especially, I recently launched a campaign (Shine A Light Africa SALA) to celebrate those who have made a difference, inspire and empower by shining a light on these areas that affect women and create support groups to accompany victims as well as victors .  

Today I work with different categories of women professional and humanitarian wise but I will love to work with groups, associations organs, that offer support (training, counselling, economic empowerment, etc) to these women with identity crisis.

Education of the heart is the heart of education. I seek transforming hearts and minds with a sense of identity that is true and selfless. Am identity that goes beyond gender, or skin pigment, or education, or nationality.

  I speak not as one who has completely grasped everything about myself but as one who has seen and experienced the joy of finding my true identity amd am pursuing it with my being. The more I see who I am, the more I am able to be, live, and give.I want to give the same to someone, anyone...













Hello Kariz,

What a passionate woman you are. Land of promise land of glory i can relate to that coming from Cameroon as well. You are daring it in your community. Well done and wishing you well as you continue to following your passion empowering women in your community.

Good luck my sister and God Bless



Your story is so inspirational.  Let us hope more women around the world get encouragement and know the importance of gender equality, that they do not ever give up the fight for it!!!

Dear Kariz,

Thank you for your contribution. Society molds people a certain way or forces people especially women to behave a certain way.

African women are still striving to find their space in patriarchal societies and the battle to be respected a citizen is in progress. Governments sign laws that are never implemented, this is one of the reasons why women should never give up and keep on fighting for their rights.

You're doing a fantastic work , never let anybody discourage you. 

Kadidia Doumbia

Thank you so much Kadidia!

We can't afford to stop now. We will keep raising our voices; one voice at a time and in time we will see the change we advocate for.

The Best  you can ever be is YOURSELF! 

Leila Kigha

Very true Feka!   

We will see that land of Promise Land of Glory , not only in Cameroon but across the continent and beyond!

The Best  you can ever be is YOURSELF! 

Leila Kigha

Hello Kariz,

What wonderfully positive post! Just reading it, I could sense your infectious energy and optimism. I was truly moved by the phrase, "Education of the heart is the heart of education." What a wonderful way to put it. It is true that finding ourselves lies not in looking outside, but in truly gazing within. I am still struggling to find out who I am and to learn to truly love myself. But reading your posts shows me that it is possible and that we can all do it. Your work sounds fascinating and I can tell that you are already doing so much for your community and for those beyond. All I can say it, bravo and keep at it! Thank you again for this post!

Wishing you continued success in everything!


hellooo Pilar!

You made me a much more happy person today.

i live to share, inspire, empower and celebrate others. if you were inspired then i am happy.

It is very easy to find who you are and falling in love with yourself. Because it has to do with yourself!

I will assist you if you want and together lets journey into a life of brilliance!

Remember i share my story not as one who has fully grasped but one who is on a journey and have seem glimpses of its brightness!

this is to your amazing life n discovery


The Best  you can ever be is YOURSELF! 

Leila Kigha

Hello Kigha,

Thanks so much for the inspiring story. You have a very powerful spirit that will make the nation realise their identity which is a great discovery. May you be blessed as you continue to empower the women and make them see the land of Glory , Land of Promise globally.