We are almost half way of our first week of the Digital Changemaking 101. I am very excited about all the posts that are coming into the Digital Changemaking 101 group. It is very honoring to see how much you are sharing in the "My Journey" posts, it is a wonderful way to get to know all of you. Last week, some of you were able to join me and the World Pulse team in a short Welcoming Call. These group calls are such a treat! We get to hear each other's voices and create a more personal connection to the names and words we see on the screen. Thank you to those of you who joined in from around all around the world, and for those of you who would like to connect in a call later, stay tuned for details on a Closing Call at the end of our three-week journey.

It is incredible how time flies! We are already in the middle of our Week 1 of the training.  By now you probably have had the opportunity to start reading the learning materials for Module 1: Mapping the Possibilities, the Internet and Online Communities. This is a great time to connect with one another and learn about who is joining us in our global community.  

The two assignments for this module are due on 20 July by 11:59 p.m. (PST) if you are planning in finishing the training in three weeks and also want the chance to connect immediately with other changemakers from around the world, who are working to bring their own voice and other women’s voices into our global community.

Please keep coming back to the Digital Changemaking 101 group for updates, to post your stories and to share with one another.

In partnership,