My name is Iram Asif and I am a young advocate leading a youth led organization in Pakistan. I believe that “You have to take a step if you want to bring a change, and you have to do something,”

I aim to build a gender sensitize, educated, violence free, healthy and a peaceful Pakistan for women and girls. I have been working on women rights from last eight years. I led child marriage campaign of my organization in which we fought for health and education opportunities for young girls at policy level. Due to our political advocacy punishment and fines for violation of child marriages are increased. I am now working to increase minimum age for a girl to marry from 16 years to 18 years. 

My vision for the future of our young generation is that we have to engage young people in all decision-making levels of the peacebuilding processes. It’s not just about the token representation of young people. The thing this resolution really addresses is the participation of young people: their prevention; their integration; that they have a basic right to live in a safe place where they have livelihoods; where they have the opportunities for education; where they have opportunities for sports. We have to actually include and integrate peacebuilding processes in every aspect of life.

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Congratulations on your successes and how far you have come on your journey! It's great to hear about the things you do to engage youth in discussion, as they are our future. I look forward to hearing more about your future endeavours.

Hi Iram,

You have already achieved so  much important work!  I am so pleased to hear of it, and proud of you--congratulations.  But I'm sure you feel that it is only the beginning.  We all have a long to way to go to achieve gender equality in just about every country in the world.  I know that it is especially challenging in Pakistan and I wish you much future success in all the hard work you are doing.  You are doing the right thing and your connection with World Pulse can probably help you a lot.

Keep up the good work!


Hi Iram,

Great work with our young girls and for advocating for them. It is a great initiative. I know of a sister here Sadaf Kashif working on a similar project in Pakistan; you two could join voices and make greater impact. She is a VOF2016 graduate like me and could be a great mentor.

Get to her and I would love to see the impactful work you both do to help the young girls in Pakistan.

Best wishes,

Emily Miki

Founder/CEO, Denis Miki Foundation

Mandela Washington Fellow 2017

World Pulse VOF Leader

Runner Up Queen Young Leader 2017

Associate Fellow of The Royal Commonwealth Society

Hello Iram,

it was a pleasure reading your story and the tasks you have been able to achieve. your quote, “You have to take a step if you want to bring a change, and you have to do something,” is something I believe and it true to the vision I hold dear which is empowering girls and making their voices and stories known.

your goal "I aim to build a gender sensitize, educated, violence free, healthy and a peaceful Pakistan for women and girls" is a lofty task and I am sure not devoid of challenge, may I ask some programs you have successfully run that I can learn from and possibly adapt in my setting. Looking forward to collaborating on ideas.

Best the best possible version of yourself you can be...


Good work Asif.Have read your narrative become pleased with the story.Keep on advocating for the girl,to me age 18 is still too young but a journey with a thousand mile starts with a single step so with time i know you will take the age to 22 and above


Rodgers waswa

Hi Iram, congratulations on the success you've already achieved with your campaign and the resulting policy change. You're a great role model for younger people that it is possible and safe to speak up, despite the challenges and opposition you'll surely encounter along the way.  Is the big problem lack of education for girls? I'm just wondering what might be some ways that online platforms could offer solutions here...  Is basic education available? How accessible is internet and social media for young girls?   I look forward to seeing what else you'll be sharing with us. joyful blessings from Australia, Tina


joyful blessings, Tina - Joy Coach for Entrepreneurs at



Hello Iram!

Thankyou you so much for sharing your journey with us and i Congratulates you for your achievements ! Stay Blesses :) and pray for me i also wanna be an Advocate!