I born in Karachi, a city in one of the four provinces of Pakistan; Pakistan is a country located in South Asia.

I am a social activist engaged in many social causes, for instance,  Human Rights, Education, Health especially HIV/AIDS and Women empowerment.

I live in a community where responsibility of inappropriate actions towards women can be put very easily on women for her violating especially Hijab rules prescribed in religion. It seems religion is a social political tool for people to get a narrow escape of their viciousness.

The biggest challenge in the community is closed brain but cunning enough to play blame game sharply. In case of women empowerment campaigns. women their selves do not come up to even speak and share obnoxious incidents and happenings as they know at the end they will be suspected for initiating the bad act rather being given facilitation.

I have already worked for  women rights, their independence for taking decision to avail the right to vote, Yes, vote and vote for the political party of their own choice prior to the choice of their male guardians who may impose for voting for the leader of their preference.

Currently, I am working on a campaign of Street Harassment. It's a global campaign to stop street and public harassment against women. With the advent of this campaign, I am advocating equal rights of women in public to walk on streets with safety. No one has any right of blocking a public asset on a specific gender because of their own nasty thinking.

My future endeavors or you can say my future passion is to work for global peace. To make this world a land of humans valuing humanity before nationality and religion differences.

As part of it, I need to work on creating and advancing my skills of international communication, international peace and conflict resolution.


Thank you for sharing your journey with us! It seems like you have been an advocate for many different issues in your community, which sounds like a challenge  but also empowering for you and the women in your community.

I am really interested in your current campaign on street harassment and am curious to learn more. What tools do you feel like you need to help you meet your goals?

Warm wishes,



Wonderful to read about you today and learn about all the things you have done to make this world a better place. Your work ethic must be tireless! I must say I was very impressed to see a list of all the ways you have already figured out to make a change. If I lived in your area I would help! :)

How have you been advertising your campaign lately? In print? In-person demonstrations? Collaborations with other community organizations? 

I, too have been a part of street harassment and I know how frustrating, angry, and powerless it can make me feel. Looking forward to getting to read more!

Thank you for writing about your efforts and passions to make the world a better place, especially for women. Your future passion "To make this world a land of humans valuing humanity before nationality and religion differences" really resonates with me. I think it's a goal worth working towards, so I wish you the best of luck in your campaign and in creating the future you envision.



Hi there,

I commend your story and admire your courage to take on a subject that is not commonly addressed in our communities.

I have also actively challenged street harassment and contributed to global initiatives like the 'Safe Cities Because' and the campaign to challenge street harassment of girls and women in the capital city of my Country, Nigeria. 

Reading about your journey has refueled my passion to challenge street harassment and I commend all the beautiful work that you do to challenge this social issue across the world.

In partnership,