An example of the sanitary kid we give to women and girls
An example of the sanitary kid we give to women and girls: It is made up of washable pads, 2 pairs of pants and a savon. We give these where we do not have sewing machines so the women are girls are free from menstrual insecurity.
  • Training on the cutting and sewing of the washable pads.

I am Nadum Feka Parchibell, a teacher and gender advocate. I am a CameroonIan and an only daughter with 5 brothers. I come from an area where tradition is very strong and women's rights are not fully respected Women suffer from a lot of maltreatment in the societydomestic violence, rape, poverty, under scholarization among others. Menstruation is a serious problem as some women and girls can't afford 600frs CFA to but a pack of pads. They use dirty foams, rags, leavespapers etc, to protect themselves. In the course of using these things, they get infectious that become very dangerous due to poor or no treatment. The girls are forced to stay at home during their periods because they are ashamed of the mockery they get when they are messed up with blood. I am presently on a menstrual hygiene in some parts of Cameroon. I am teaching the girls and women on puberty, menstrual hygiene and sewing of washable pads. In areas where they don't have the machines, I give them the pads for free with savon to wash them after using them. I work with St. Mary di Rosa Academies in the USA. I got the training from them on sewing the pads as well as the pads to distribute. We are trying to reach out to as many women and girls as possible all over Cameroon. My target is girls and women. I want as am by girls as possible back in school. I want them to actively take part in activities like sports without being afraid or ashamed. I want them to know that menstruation is what makes us to be women and mothers and not a frightful thing or a myth. I need more entrepreneurial skills and trainings as most of the women I train, produce these pads for themselves and to sell to gain an income to take care of other needs. I also need training materials to be able to train effectively and reach out to many women and girls in the rural areas in my country.


Hello Feka I admire your work with girls within your community. I am confident teaching them how to make their own pads will go a long way to address the issue. I wish you the best in your mission

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There are evidently numerous challenges and struggles that girls face on a daily basis, with a majority affecting whether or not they can attend school, and thus receive an education to bettering their futures. Thank you for sharing your story, and I look forward to hearing more about your future endeavours.

Hi Feka,

I am happy to hear of your hard work and efforts in bringing information and supplies to girls and women who are suffering from poor hygiene.  This is a very real problem in your country as well as other African countries.  I am sure that they are grateful for your help, especially if you can teach them to make the pads themselves and then teach others.  I wish you much luck and hope to hear more from you soon about your successes!  Keep up the good work.


Dear Feka,

Thank you for sharing your journey with us! I admire your advocacy for women and girls in your community and the hard work that you are doing to share sustainable solutions and education. I agree that it's important to get girls back in school and give them the confidence to participate in sports and other activities without being ashamed!

What kinds of training and materials are you seeking to increase your impact? 

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Dear kaitlin, Thank you for your encouragement. I need sewing machines, flannel or any skin friendly material, towels, pants, scissors, threads for the pads.I also need sport attire to give the girls.I need trainings on creating an enterprise and marketing.

Sometimes we get so caught up in the big picture things that need advocacy like "the environment", "world peace", "equality", etc. that its easy to forget some battles are a little more intimate. Providing ladies with decent basic comforts and information about their natural bodies is such important work. You are doing something to be proud of!

Hello Feka,

Thank you for posting this piece. I am inspired by your story. You are doing a great job by not just making available washable pad but also savon to enable the ladies maintain a good hygiene. Keep the good work and i wish you more success in your pursuit.




What a great initiative Feka! And how wonderful that you were drawn to be here in the World Pulse community and this program to support you with getting the training you need to let your message reach many more, thanks to technology.  I can see you having a website and social media campaign connecting you with many people around the world who would be happy to support your cause. Just wondering if there are any limitations living in Cameroon to having something like PayPal to process payments?  Have you heard of the Unstoppable Foundation with Cynthia Kershey? Might be interesting to check out for some inspiration and who knows, maybe you can reach out and ask for some guidance or suggestions? I look forward to reading your next posts and wish you all the best with your endeavours. Such a basic thing we take for granted living in many western countries. Thank you for bring ing this to light. joyful blessings from Australia, Tina




joyful blessings, Tina - Joy Coach for Entrepreneurs at



Hi Feka, girls' hygiene is a very sensitive issue that has to be addressed strongly. I applaud you for what you are doing. I like the idea of training them to sew their pads, fantastic.

Dear Feka,

Thank you for sharing such an inspiring journey. I have been so excited about the concept of re-usable sanitary pads and their potential to support healthy menstruation hygiene among girls in rural or other underserved communities around the world.

But, reading your story has taken me to a whole new level of inspiration. You just blew my mind with the photo of your sanitary kit for girls and women in your community. I have stared at the picture for so long and I have been so thrilled at the thought involved in your kit - the washable sanitary pads, 2 pants and a savon is certainly a great start to empower girls to a healthy menstruation lifestyle.

I highly respect the wonderful work that you do and look out for more stories from you.

Warm regards,