Although Indians are growing more aware with Feminism reaching numerous women here, still more work needs to be done. Rape is rampant here and so is the illegal killing of the girl child. This needs to stop. 

I am currently a student leader on my college campus and am heavily involved with cultural and diversity affairs on campus. My team and I are working to create a more unified college campus and raise awareness about global issues on our campus so as to graduate educated, aware individuals. 

I currently have an Instagram account. It does not have a lot of followers at all however I hope to grow it and raise awareness about global issues through the account. 

I need to learn more about using social media to make an impact and about managing and engaging a network. 


Welcome Kank, it is exciting to have you on World Pulse and know you are continuing your path to lead change by taking this 101 Training! I can tell you have a lot of passion about the issues in your community and I am excited to see what you do with social media to make an impact. We need women like you raising awareness and ending these negative and deeply-entrenched behaviors in India and around the world.



Hi Kank,

I am pleased to hear of your work on campus to raise awareness of women's rights.  My daughter lives in Southern India (Kerala) and I'm sure she sees problems of equality all around her.  I think you will find some great training and resources at World Pulse to increase your followers and help you reach more people.  I wish you much luck.  Keep up the very important work.


Dear Kank,

I praise your willingness to educate your peers. I do believe with you that the educational setting is the best place to start this journey.

Educated people should not only be knowledgeable with information but also ready to embrace new ideas and use their critical thinking to understand what is wrong in society.


Kadidia Doumbia

Hello Kank Thanks for sharing what you are doing. I like the initiative and I believe it will cause a major change. My dear don't minimize what you are already doing on instagram it is a good start. You could equally create a Facebook page which will expose you to a wider audience. Also join groups on social media involved in the kind of work you do. While hoping to read much of your exploits more power to move on. In true sisterhood

Sally Maforchi Mboumien

Founder/Coordinator COMAGEND Cameroon

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LinkedIn ID: Sally Maforchi Mboumien

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Hello Krank,

Its great to hear of the great work you are doing on rape in campuses. This is common ground for me I am looking forward to working in because of the prevalence of sexual violence in campuses.

On instagram and other social media platforms like Facebook and twitter you can connect with people doing things around your area of interest. I believe that is a way to build a community. You can also design your post to attract the audience you want to communicate with like in this case young school undergraduates. You can design messages that are captivating to this particular audience and watch how it develops from there.

I hope this helps. Looking forward to the great feats available for you on this journey.

Best wishes,




Its great that you are aware of the challenges around you and are keen to be part of the solution making. Focusing on rape and girl child killings maybe you could use your instagram page to give information on where rape victims can get help etc, also connect/follow youth groups, college groups around your area who have instagram pages. The more relevant and valuable information you share on your page the more you will see an increase in the number of followers. I think also college is a great way to get supporters and people interested to join your cause, organise a campus campaign on bringing awareness to the issues that matter to you and invite those that attend to follow and like your social media pages. All the best and look forward to seeing more from you

Hi Kank,

Thanks for sharing your journey. It's truly amazing and inspiring to know that young people are out there making a difference in their own little corner and in their own unique way.  I trust that you will grow your initiative in leaps and bounds and change the current narrative.

I posted an offer in the Community Resource page a few weeks ago and I'd like to share this with you as it may be helpful since it's a mentoring program geared towards your community in particular and may fit your needs for training and development.

Here goes and I wish you the very best in all your endeavors.

The Aspire Foundation has recently signed up over 150 new mentors in India that want to be matched with charities, not for profits  or social enterprises in or connected with India.

The Aspire Mentoring Program is open to any woman at all levels working for a charity, social enterprise or non-profit organization.  Mentees can be in any country, the program is currently in English but they are working on expanding it to multiple languages including Hindi.

This is as part of Aspire Foundation's goal of reaching 1 billion women and girls worldwide by 2020.

Visit for more information or contact , Executive Director, Jane Donaldson

Hello Kank, I am pleased to connect with you through world pulse.  The case of rape is really getting out of hand the world over. I would advice that your group meets with the university authorities to remind them of their responsibilities to the students which includes protection & security.

With regards to the killings of girl children, I suggest  that you start a movement because, this happens also in china. Your individual voice or the voices of the members of your group on campus can't really make a difference.

What a great job you are already doing as a student. Would like to read more on your activities and successes.






Hi Kank, good on you for giving voice to these issues and thereby increasing awareness. Rape is a global issue that is becoming less taboo to talk about as awareness has been increasing and support systems are available, so speaking up definitely creates change sooner or later. At least that's what I've witnessed in Australia and western Europe.  That the killing of girl children is still happening just leaves me feeling dumbfounded. I admire your courage to speak up to put an end to this. I imagine this has been part of cultural conditioning for many generations?  Having an Instagram account is a great way to get started. Are you on Facebook as well? Keep on sharing and with the tips and tools you'll learn in this program, you'll be well on your way to increasing global audience. By being a voice for so many who may not have the means or the courage to speak up yet, you're leading by example. I look forward to seeing your next posts. joyful blessings from Australia, ​Tina

joyful blessings, Tina - Joy Coach for Entrepreneurs at



Hi, Kank.  Congratulations on the work you are doing and taking this step to learn how to use digital media in new ways.  The issues of rape and femicide are global issues that need greater attention.  Thanks for all you are doing to grow a more aware community on your campus.  I look forward to reading more of your pieces.