Although Indians are growing more aware with Feminism reaching numerous women here, still more work needs to be done. Rape is rampant here and so is the illegal killing of the girl child. This needs to stop. 

I am currently a student leader on my college campus and am heavily involved with cultural and diversity affairs on campus. My team and I are working to create a more unified college campus and raise awareness about global issues on our campus so as to graduate educated, aware individuals. 

I currently have an Instagram account. It does not have a lot of followers at all however I hope to grow it and raise awareness about global issues through the account. 

I need to learn more about using social media to make an impact and about managing and engaging a network. 

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Welcome Kank, it is exciting to have you on World Pulse and know you are continuing your path to lead change by taking this 101 Training! I can tell you have a lot of passion about the issues in your community and I am excited to see what you do with social media to make an impact. We need women like you raising awareness and ending these negative and deeply-entrenched behaviors in India and around the world.



Hi Kank,

I am pleased to hear of your work on campus to raise awareness of women's rights.  My daughter lives in Southern India (Kerala) and I'm sure she sees problems of equality all around her.  I think you will find some great training and resources at World Pulse to increase your followers and help you reach more people.  I wish you much luck.  Keep up the very important work.


Dear Kank,

I praise your willingness to educate your peers. I do believe with you that the educational setting is the best place to start this journey.

Educated people should not only be knowledgeable with information but also ready to embrace new ideas and use their critical thinking to understand what is wrong in society.


Kadidia Doumbia