Growing up in Nigeria as a young girl, my dream was to become a broadcaster. I went through school with this mind. I applied to study mass communication following my dream but was offered Adult Education. What is this i thought, i didn't apply for this, i don't even know what this is about but was encouarged to just do it, it's better than nothing they said.

Gaining admission into a higher institution in my country is like going through the eye of a needle, especially the Federal Universities because they are cheaper. 

Education i beleive gives you a foot in the door, I've worked in some great places, able to help my younger ones through school too. But do i feel fulfilled?  No. This is why am going back to school for masters in Guidance and counseling, to open a career centre that will foster self-discovery, clear doubts as to career path to follow  and create support which is not available and make it accessible for all. 

This i belive will be of help, especially to women ang girls, it will help them to have discovered their purpose, give a sense of meaning before marriage and be able to contribute to society. A lot of women suffer because of 'purposelessness'. A woman of purpose cannot be stopped but where purpose is not known abuse is inevitable.- Myles Munroe.






Education truly is the key to success. It affects our futures, and thus, our lives. I'm so glad to hear that you were able to make a decision based on how you felt, rather than what others wanted, and go back to school to pursue a masters. Your resolution is deeply inspiring, and will have a profound impact on women and girls, giving them a meaning to life and an identity through which they can express themselves. Congratulations on how far you have come in your journey, and I look forward to hearing more about your future endeavours!

Thanks for understanding that education is very important in life and that education for certificates and diplomas is not the right education. Once you do a professional course and is ready to help others follow professional course where they shall be able to apply the knowledge gained certainly there will be a great change in the lives of many women

Gwei Mainsah Gilbert freelances Communication

Thank you Gwei Mainsah. Being able to use our education to help others is truly satisfying and fulfulling that is why we all need the right guide to make effective choices.


Dear Funmi,

Education is very vital in life and I am glad you are determined to be educated.

You are correct on 'having a purpose' in life. This is very important.

Wish you the best on your journey.

Thanks for writing this. I have felt this purposeless feeling you talk about. I always wonder if that is a luxury of America, to be discontent, but it encourages me to here that women around the world feel this and are doing something about it.

What a great step for you to become a counselor. My story is similar in the sense that I have a journalism degree and now work at a counseling non profit.

I hope you find this rewarding and fulfilling. Thanks again!

Love and Peace, Kaity

Hello KKrompas, thank you for the encouragement. Now you know that purposelessness is not peculiar to any group, it's a human thing, we all must discover our purpose or live in despair. 

Good to hear that we are both taking action towards fulfillment.

thanks once again






Funmi: Thank you for sharing your journey. You are broadcasting your caring and your respect for the power of education. I love that you are encouraging your siblings and other women to find their sense of purpose. This is a quest that can and should take a lifetime. It is not something that is checked off a list and never thought about again. Our passion can take us in lots of different directions over the years. I am so happy that you found a way to follow your path and are helping others to find theirs as well.

I look forward to reading more of your posts.

All the best to you,

JT Long

telling stories; creating communities

Thank you JT Long, i agree with what you said that this is a quest not a destination. And am ready and looking forward excitedly to the many directions this will take me.

Thank you 



Hello, Funmi!

Thank you for sharing a part of your story. One piece that I really recognized from my own life experience is knowing what it can be like having dreams and trying to go to school for them and everyone always having a comment or criticism about it or trying to get me to do something else. 

The fact that you took your own journey and created it into something that helps other people is so inspiring. 

Hey Funmi!  

I love what you are doing! I have struggled so much trying to find my purpose too so I think having someone to counsel women through this process would be very helpful! I wish you all the best for your future endeavors! 


Thank you  Kank, yes, having someone to counsel us, listen to us on the journey to purpose is very liberating. But the journey to prupose shouldn't be a struggle, though I know the frustration that comes with not being fulfilled. We just need to believe in our voice sometimes and be open to share our dreams, as we do this, we begin to see more clearly and most importantly be able to act on them. 

I Wish you all the best as you continue on the journey to self discovery. If you need someone to listen to you please feel free to contact me.