If your child was born blind, how will you explain identification of colours to him/her?

For the past 2 months, I have been living with 4 blind social changemakers from 4 different countries. Learning to describe things in details and sticking it into their imagination has been one of my biggest learning points.

The importance of feel, touch, hot, cold, mixture, sound etc become more useful. It's almost vague talking about what you don't experience.

How do you describe the sound of war or rain of joy to the deaf? For instance, your best friend is deaf, how will you show her when people are angry or excited without words?

5 months ago, I met a young lady online that works with the deaf in northern Nigeria. She has beaten my imagination since then about the struggles and solutions that thrive among these special people. I can only marvel.

How can we inspire the lame to fly on their limbs? If grandma's limbs are gone, when it had to be amputated. How do you teach her to selflessly fly without limbs?

How can we turn alcoholics to rockstars in several noble careers?

How can we get the beggars on the street to become the best philathropist in the world?

In recent time, these kind of questions are the precious alarm that wake me up. These thoughts book my train ticket and drive me into empathy. Something within me cringe, craving to nail prejudice, discrimination, poverty and hate behind bars.

We all have huge challenges in our neighbourhood. These problems look like the hardest crank to put into motion.

But, these questions become easy to deal with when we can listen. I mean really listening. Rather than providing for our benefiaries what we feel they need, we listen to support and allow them build their own edifice. That's empowerment!

No man/woman should be an object of pity, because each of us have a need one way or the other. Strong, weak, large or small are important assets to community building.

In our projects and initiatives, we are to empower communities when the hammer of empathy taps into our deep skin, listening to voices, villages opening up, cities connecting, embracing differences, celebrating uniqueness.

We Are Limitless! Aren't we?

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Fasoranti, it sounds like you are asking some very meaningful questions.  I'm struck by your comment about the importance of listening to what people need instead of assuming what they might need, so that they can build their own edifice, as you put it.  I also love the imagery of empathy that taps deep into the skin.  You are a change agent and poet!  


Hi SujataN,

The more insightful questions we ask, the easier it is to think and come up with beautiful ideas that will move us to action.

Listening to others is a very important skill to build trust, nurture relationship, empower and engage. Then, it's easier for us to connect their abilities with our knowledge for them to build their own edifice.

Thank for affirming this post Dear SujataN.

Do have a great weekend. Cheers.


...dust the smoke off the limitless treasures in you.

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