My name is Rosemary Ntoipo a Development Practitioner and professional teacher. Currently working as the Executive Director of an NGO in Tanzania - Girls' Empowerment Program and Network-GEPaN (an early intervention to women problems). With a significant work experience at various levels. Worked in an array of settings; including schools and organizations. Also facilitates learning to help participants achieve results.

My vision for future

Am passionate about supporting people especially women and girls to reflect on themselves and embrace that which they feel is good about themselves, family and community and provide a space for them to understand and realise their potential and drive themselves into engaging in relevant social -economic and political development.

I wish to see women and girls empowered and on the driving seat in development. In this regard the family, community, the nations and the world will achieve desired outcomes that are meaningful and sustainable.

My challenges are limitation of reaching out to many girls whom I feel would benefit from my advisory and mentorship programs for a strong future women generation.

No matter where you are,community you come from any part of the world, race, ethnicity or any other, at World Pulse Community we are together as one. Together we can achieve our results. Lets join hands and empower our communities.

Warm regards to all.