• girls in Nigeria and their challenges

Over here in my country,Nigeria,the lives of the female children are at a great risk.These girls are been kept at home instead of taking them to school,the parents are not enlightened on the fact that they need to go to school.Going to school is not just because they have to earn money in the future no it is because it makes you happy,keeps you occupied and gives you broader knowledge of life and how to act right as you meet various persons.these girls are also given into early marriage,this is bad,if you come to Nigeria you would see a girl of 3years already has a husband.What sought of marriage is that,what can that little child give,all that is what i term as "rape" ,"gender discrimination" that is an insolent act and it has to be stopped.I came across a friend in my primary school days,she is a muslim,these child was so nice,so brilliant but she has this idea that as a girl she has no right to exercise meanwhile she does,so loving,when i chat one on one wit her i always see she has visions which she wants to achieve but do you know what she said "i know at a particular stage i would get to,my parents would not let me go further because i am a woman" imagine the ideas that they have put into this kids.The women cannot even handle key positions in this country,they get beaten anyhow they have to take in any ill-treatment that comes in all the time,what is going on,please stop this,these girls have taken so much pain and they are still taking it till now,these women should be given opportunities.We have to reach out to them and their parents,they need to be enlightened,this violence has to end.  

Take action! This post was submitted in response to A Call for News on Gender-Based Violence.


Thanks Ruth for the good work. It feels good to find people doing the same programs that i do. Yes girls and women need to be given opportunities to stay in school and complete their education. Parents need a lot of sensitisation on the importances of keeping the girl child in school. Its the only way we can address the problem of child marrieges. Lets keep up the good work, many more will follow us in due course. Thank you.

Hello Ruth,

Thank you for responding to the Call for News on Gender-Based Violence. This is the kind of news that helps us know exactly what is going on and where. These are such basic human rights, education, freedom to choose one's life directions, right to life without violence, right to economic independence. I agree , we need to find ways to reach the parents. I hope that together we will be able to create global pressure toward freedom for all girls and women.

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