I am a Lawyer, specialized in Public International Law and Human Rights, Gender and Peace and Conflict. A graduate of the School of Excellence in Law, Chennai, I have diversified into Research and Writing in Public International Law, Arbitration and Human Rights, besides Freelance Journalism. I graduated from UPeace, Costa Rica, with a Masters Degree in Peace and Conflict. I work as a UN Volunteer, specializing in Human Rights research in pertinence to issues in Africa, India and Central Asia and the Middle East. I have worked extensively with grass root organizations that focus on women's rights, and also run a journal and consultancy that focuses on International Law, called A38, with my Brother. My main interests lie in International Law, International Relations, Peace and Conflict studies and Human Rights. I enjoy art and writing fiction. I hope someday that the world will be an arena beset with Gender Equality, and until then, the fire in my stomach will continue to burn. I have written two short story collections and three non-fiction books. I won the US Presidential Services Award in 2011-2012 for my services as a volunteer to Delta Women.


Dear Kirthijay,

Thank you so much for joining this training, and for posting your first assignment. I am impress with all of the great work you are doing in your community and in international communities.  I am hoping you can find new skills and opportunites through out the training that will support your leadership training.

I am looking forward to keep listening to your stories.



My super powerful, multi-talented girl, Kirthios!!! I am in absolute awe of you and your talents.You are extremely multi-faceted, passionate with a conscientious soul.I am proud to have you as my friend.

Cheering for you ! Always ! You are fabulous!



Mukut Ray

My dear sister you are truly talented and your community is urely bblesssed to have you as their representative. Cotinue to do good work for your community and keep us posted on the updates in your community. 

Welcome to this great course that will change your life and the way you report your stories.

Stay blessed

Mrs. Anita Kiddu Muhanguzi Head of Legal and Advocacy Centre for Batwa Minorities a.kiddu@gmail.com cfmlegal@gmail.com Skype: mrs_muhanguzi

Kirthijay, Good to e-meet you and read about your strong work, impressive list of accomplishments and areas of interest.  Look forward to hearing how Digital Empowerment Training will offer help you on your journey, and how you can use it to express your voice and spread that fire/message in new ways and reach new audiences. Best Regards, RoseMarie

RoseMarie FitzSimons

Dear Kirthijay:

Thank you for sharing your interest and experience that brought you to my part of the world - the Western Hemisphere.  Your areas of training and interest are spaces I hope to become more comfortable with so I welcome opportunities to converse with and learn from you.

Warm Regards, Abigail

Dear Kirthyjay, I am looking forward to hearing your stories. You have a firm footing for helping so many people through advocacy and research, that I know you are going to bring great change to the world. Thank you for all your efforts.

I am interested to see how the Intro to Digital Empowerment training will enhance and amplify your voice. Keep up the good work.

Sincerely, Tamara

Dear Kirthyjay, 

As a gender equality seeker I feel some times that, conscious or not, I have supported gender opresion "rules and structures" occasionaly. I'm glad to have you and all the other members of the World Pulse community as champions and reality check partners! The fire inside us need to keep burning until the opresion structures are burn down. Thanks for sharing your journey and hard work.

Thanks for making of this planet a better place for all! I'm inspire by your work and passion.