All my life,since childhood I have always concern myself with others,I hate to see people suffering or go through pains. As a child life was simple and I had all I wanted because my father provides everything we need,the economy was good,but things got from better to worse when he took another wife. When I left high school,and were seeking admission to university,thing were not Rossy at all,I went through school sponsor by my father,and a man who took advantage of the situation,I was going through.Throughout my university days I didn't have the freedom like every other girl, because he determine all I have to do,though I see him as my mentor,because without him I won't go through university,but he did all that for a gain marriage, when he saw that I won't marry him he stopped sponsoring me.Thank God I was able to go through school. There are many girls going through even worse situation,engaging in prositution just to live or go to school.All of these inspire me to want to mentor girls that they can become whatever they want to be without selling their body,for money.They can be empowered to engage themselves in profitable venture to go through school.When I was in school I was making shirt and selling to make ends meet. Even women that are married are abandon by their husband with their children and they have to sell their bodies to make ends meet because they lack the financial empowerment to provide for their family and when the husband can not cater for the family because of lack of job or reckless spending, it is the woman that takes up the responsibility of the children. There are several women looking up to me for financial assistant for their business,which I can not meet because my income is limited. My vision is to be able to mentor and inspire women and youth that nothing is impossible if they believe in themselves and are ready to take up opportunity that comes their way. In this light I started an organisation called 'Pathfinder initiative',its in the incubation stage,and not yet registered,I want partner and sponsors to be able to make this dream a reality. This initiative vision is to help youth find their path in life early,to present them with opportunity around them which they are not focusing on either online or offline and women to empower women with skills and financial assistance that will improve their status. Thank you world pulse for this platform to learn more on how to bring the desire change I want in my community. Thank you.



Your story shows great strenght in being able to overcome so many barriers to complete your education. I can tell that when you share the line "nothing is impossible if they believe in themselves and are ready to take up opportunity that comes their way" is how you lead your life, as well. Your compassion for others and your determination to reach your goals is inspiring. I wish you the best for your new organization. Thank you for sharing your story with us!

Thank you Stephanie,for taking time to read my story,I really appreciate it. You know there is a saying ''if you believe it you can achieve it'' My watchword over the years is 'determination leads to success' It has guided me all my life.

Love, Bukola

Dearest Olubee,

Inspiring story. You remind me of my friend, Olanike from Nigeria. Also fondly called 'GreenGirl'. She is also a passionate change-maker, just like you. Maybe, you can check her profile on World Pulse.

Keep sharing your voice because it is important. All the best for your future endeavors.



Mukut Ray

Thank you mukut for your words of encouragement.yes she is in my friends list but we've not been able to communicate.I will chat up with her thanks.

Lots of love


Dearest Olubee,

You are surely doing  agood job by reaching out to young girls before they started prostitution as a means of survival.Thank you so much for this great intervention.

May God bless you and may you continue with this good work.

Mrs. Anita Kiddu Muhanguzi Head of Legal and Advocacy Centre for Batwa Minorities Skype: mrs_muhanguzi

Hey Olubee, thank you for sharing your story with us. Yours is a story of great resilince amidst many challenges. You are an inspiration to girls all over the world, and through your story, many girls can also believe in their dreams. Empowering others to make a change in their lives is one of the most important tools we can use in the world to bring change. I believe that you are going to be changing the lives of the women you empower and in turn effect change in the communities at large. I wish you the very best of luck, and i hope you get all the sponsorship and help you need. Thank you for connecting with us.

At this very moment, there are people only you can reach…and differences only you can make –Mike Dooley.

Dear Olubee,

Your effort in setting up 'Pathfinder initiative' is wonderful. Wish you success with it and please continue to help the women in your community achieve a better life!


Dear Olubee,

Thank you so much for sharing your journey and your story. You had to go through a lot to complete your education and it is wonderful that you decided to help other women and girls in believing in themselves. You write that the vision of your initiative is “to help youth find their path in life early, to present them with opportunity around them which they are not focusing on either online or offline and women to empower women with skills and financial assistance that will improve their status”. I think that this is a great vision and I am really looking forward to reading more about your ‘Pathfinder initiative’.

I wish you best of luck for all your endeavors and your great work!


Dear Olubee,

       Am glad reading your thing about life is ! if you have not experienced pain you will not know what pain is all about.If you have not been humiliated you will not know what humiliation is all about.Thank you for being focused and wanting to stop other from suffering what you suffered by establishing an organization called Pathfinder Initiatiative.Your leadership quality i know, will bring more change to the girl child and the women at large.And i pray all the sponsorship you need to spread this good work will not be far from you.

I wish to have your website.


Jane Kalu



I admire you for working so hard to gain knowledge and obtain an education. The ability to think for yourself and learn can never be taken away from you! Lending your compassion and mentorship to others makes the world a much better place, too.