My tablet,

For more than a decade I was writing my map on a tablet full with fear and anxiety. But I’m running now with my story, I’m making it plain!

The foundation of my life was based on fear and nothing else than fear. With almost no self-esteem. Even now I don’t understand when things are wrong in my community and nobody is saying nothing because of fear. I was the same.

I have a dream that one day I will be a giver of hope only with my genuine smile and without words. That others can read Yes I Can through my Eyes, that’s also my hope. Even when I’m speaking abroad, in Curacao or with our Island visitors that’s is also my dream. Speaking 4 languages like Papiamentu, Dutch, English and Spanish is an edge in getting in touch with various communities.

Because of struggles I’ve been through I’m not involved in groups like I was before. Trust was always an issue. I’m a member of Agents of Light even though right now I’m not active but our goal is to educate our Island people about our culture and history. Being a tourist guide helped me a lot to get out and get in touch with people instead of always being at home in my comfort zone.

I have a dream that one day my people, the people of the Island of Curacao will open up without any fear and speak up. It’s not only my dream but also my prayer.

I hope to be in a position to educate human beings about abuse not only focusing on others who did us wrong but also for our self so we don’t abuse others. Because of that the need to educate myself is great!

As I always was listener and not a talker I want to be able to take care of myself emotionally that I can be ready to give a helping hand where it is accepted!

"Try to be a rainbow in someone's cloud."  - Maya Angelou -


Dear Annadassa,

Hang in there! You started actively to contribute to your community and even though you had to struggle, here you are on World Pulse offering your service to those who need it. You are doing a great number of things. We all lapse in between but taking the next step is what matters. I truly hope and pray that your dream to unite the people of the Island of Curacao come true because it starts from one community and the message spreads. What I loved about your piece of writing is the quote by Maya Angelou towards the end. I love her autobiograpies and I have always loved that quote because trying to be a rainbow in someone's cloud is enough to change a person's life. Every life matters.

We are all there!


Surya Simon

Thanks Surya,

As you said, every life matters. We have to do what we can, even a little smile can give some hope for someone........!

Thanks for those kind words,



Every human have fear at one point or another in their lives,but we must always learn to overcome it,and one of the ways is by speaking out of what you believe and want happened.Thank God you are on world pulse, where you can speakout on  any issue of concern in your community for the world to hear and together we profer solution.

You are wonderful.

Lot of Love,


Dear Annadassa, Thank you for sharing some of your pain, your suffering, how you felt - your courage and openness will help others who may be in difficult situations. Your self-awareness and decision to invest in yourself offer hope that situations can change. Your understanding of what it is like in abusive relationships, your desire to brighten the lives of others and dream of a better tomorrow, both for yourself and your fellow island people makes me imagine that you will make a difference. Best regards, RoseMarie  

RoseMarie FitzSimons