Woman is the mother;

Woman cares for the family and is food provider; 

Woman is the first educator; the brilliant thoughts and ideas we all have are from women;

The first word that a child pronounce is MAMA!

However, when we grow, when we are leaders, when we are authorities, when we are Ministers, when we are CEOs and  when we have the power that time we forget about women's existence. What happens that we forget those who gave life to us? those who suffered so that we can live? our educators?

Women deserve their full rights and their positions in our societies and institutions. Women contribute more than 80% in the families, why can't they hold 80% of decision making positions?

Join Maman Shujaa movement  to amplify women's voices very louder. 


Topic Human Rights


Yes! Women are great leaders. Thank you for sharing your post. Women need to be respected and appreciated by all. We must work together to achieve this goal.

Joy Eze

Merci beaucoup pour ce poste qui démontre la force de la femme vraiment c'est avec un grand plaisir que nous disons félicitation et nous sommes avec vous dans cette grande lutte