The story of my life is a tragedy and it is a novel in progress.

And yes, I am twice widowed. I am an incest survivor. I am now 34. I just gave birth to a baby boy and I’m stuck in a relationship where growth is formidable. I am yet enduring a life I detest. I have a wound that bleeds, then healed, then bleed again.

I come from the Philippines. Born and raised in Mindanao. A place called by many as war-stricken and poverty-stricken place. Many women in my place have stories of war and conflict, of submissiveness and complacency, of conservatism and nonchalance, of hope and pessimism, of the ironies in life, of joy and despair.

Many women in my place have wounds like mine, they come and go but never healed completely.

While I am completing this article, I just called the police, filed a blotter, detained my partner, and succumb to a wound that needs sutures to close it. The pain is deep. And the blood is flowing. It flows endlessly. But I have to move on and hold on to my faith that after I finish this write-up, I will be free. Free to take a step forward, to decide on what direction shall I take, to forgive myself for my wrong choices and to finally take the chance of absolute healing.

After this, I may be completing my assignment for the VOF 2016 Module 1. After this, I will be sleeping with my kids alone. After this, I shall embark on a journey I never thought would come soonest. After this, a new life will take place. Whatever life that would be, it’s yet unclear. But one thing is certain, it is something that will lead me to my New Year’s Resolution. It is something that will take me to where my passion is. Like I could finally watch my fingers dancing on the keyboard, allowing words to flow like the blood that flows from my eyebrow. And it will become pictures, moving pictures that will hit the head of those who close their minds. Those who ignore the importance and value of women in this society. And I know I could be free, in one way or another, to speak for my voice.

A clearer and more powerful voice this time. A more powerful voice that may inspire other women who are still afraid to let go of the feeling that they are meek, naïve, weak. A voice that will blend with the women in my place, that will juxtapose the life of a woman in a domestic environment and in a war-torn environment.

And together we can gather our stories to tell the world we are not weak. That we are just subjects of circumstances. That we can do better if we are provided better opportunity. That we can be healed completely if we are given a chance to thrive in a community that care, love and respect

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Dear Friend, 

You are a great who faced all the odds in a life. You surely have a power to be a change maker. I am sure a bright future is waiting for you and you are an inspiration of many women who go through the same pain every day. 



Wow! Blanche you are such a phenomenal woman! You know what, you are very very strong...I think I would have broken down by now. But no, not you, never. Where do you find all this strength?

I felt like pitying you, but I said, "Hey, wait, this lady is so strong." Just what other women in the world need, a leader, a true believer in the unconditional love, care, and respect that women and girls deserve.

Like an eagle that sees the storm as an opportunity to soar higher and higher, I strongly urge you to do it, soar higher.

Yes, I know it must be a difficult moment, but let it not weigh you down..find a reason to soar higher; not just for yourself and children, but also for other women in your land and across the world.

Tell your story and encourage more women and girls to surmount the storms in their lives.  Remember other women need you!

I wish you abundant blessings as you embark on this new journey Blanche.

wow...such strength and courage!

You are phenomenal.

Much love.


Gladys Muthara,

Empowering young women through digital & Internet Literacy 

Thank you Gladys! Asking me where did I get my strength is also a question I have been asking everytime I think of my situation. Events in my life are both choices and fate. And everytime I feel pain, I just moved on. Hoping that along the way I could answers that could help me. Sometimes, it took me years to note I have overcome it already. Thank you once again!



Wow Blanch

How strong you are? I wish you all the best in life. Please continue being stronger one day you most see the light. InShaallah.

Dear Blanch,  Thank you for trusting this community and sharing your honest story, and opening up your life and vulnerabilities to us. I am hoping that you find a supportive network of leaders here in World Pulse and during your participation in VOF. All of these circumstances have created so deep wounds that now can be filled up with courage and strength to move your vision forward, where women and girls speak up and take care of each other. Please take the time to find safe places within yourself and your immediate communities. I look forward to watch the evolution of this strong vision for change that is burning up inside you.

Dear Blanch You are blessed beautiful and strong. you have proved to us that no one can step on you and you let them be. I cried as i read your article. i was so sad that you were facing this alone with no one there to give you a hug. But the Lord we serve os a good one, he protects his children. Continue to be strong for you are truly a conqueror and many women will be inspired by your story.

Mrs. Anita Kiddu Muhanguzi Head of Legal and Advocacy Centre for Batwa Minorities Skype: mrs_muhanguzi

WOOW Blanch, RESPECT! You are a phenomenal woman and a very courageous one too! Your story will be both a beacon of light and a balm for women who find themselves in similiar situations. Sorry for all you went through but hats off for still being courageous enough to share it with us. All the best as you embark on this remarkable journey of healing. There is always a silver lining we just have to search for it. Be strong Sis, Sending hugs to you. Arrey


Your story is one filled with strength. There is so much power that can be gained from this situation and I hope you do.


Dear Blanch,

I must highly commend you for feeling empowered enough and brave enough to tell your story of fear, pain and the wounds which so often close up to open and bleed again. I read every word with awe at your strength to fight to survive and to eventually one day be able to see no more blood.

I stand in solidarity with you my sister and friend and may our stories and our voices impact this world so hard that they will never be forgotten and lives positively changed for the better. Continue being strong and even when you feel as though your strength is weaning know that we will be strong for you.

Sherna Alexander Benjamin

"Whenever the human rights of one is violated the human rights of all are in jeopardy." - Sherna Alexander Benjamin

Dear Blanche, Your post is so powerful. Your words paint images so vivid I feel like I can clearly see the wounds you write about. I'm sorry you are having to go through - and have had to go through - all of these horrible and difficult experiences. You are so brave and strong though - it's evident just from your post. Your children are fortunate to have you as their mother. Despite the darkness of what you write about, your post is also full of hope and optimism. It's very inspiring. I am so excited to keep reading your posts throughout this VOF training. Thank you so much for sharing. All my best wishes, Julia

Thank you very much for your words of inspiration and encouragement. Yes, life must go on! And whatever happens next, I will still take the challenge and conquer them. Thank you very much! I'm deeply overwhelmed by your comments!