I am very proud of the friendships that I have as resource.  I have had the privilege to maintain and make beautiful and long lasting friendships in my life and I am grateful for the opportunity that I have now to connect with many more wonderful women through the Voices of Our Future Program. The support that I received from family and friends has not only helped me to start realizing my vision for change, my passion, but they are also trying to help me shape and organize the pieces of the puzzle by advising me and connecting me with the right people.

I actually found the VOF training program through a friend. She is a World Pulse member and as soon as I told her about my project she told me that it was the perfect opportunity to become a member of World Pulse community and to apply for the VOF training.

I am very proud to say that now we have each other!! We are here to support each other and realize our visions for change together. 

Please don't hesitate to write me about anything and I will do my best to help in any way that I can. Know that I am also here to support you.   

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Waouh, Maria,

Just looking at the post brings thoughts about mutual support, interdependence, the "we can't stand alone, I need you - you need me" matrix".

Very expressive, I like it!


For their sake; for the women of today and the women of tomorrow: resilient, strong and precious beings!

Hi Maria!

Your words about friendship are very powerful -- I think that most of us have found great strength and resource through the love and support of friends.  And, our friend networks are growing all the time, including in the World Pulse community!  I am happy that you are finding support and connection here.   Keep writing and sharing!



Hi Hannah! 

Thanks for engaging in my post. 

I am definitely finding support and connection through World Pulse, the community we are creating is priceless. 

Wish you all the best always,