Dear friends,

Here are some addresses for my Digital Action Campaign.What do think could be the better one to work on:

1-You are a creative woman & You are looking to grow up your work .Come with us on Trade +

As an ambassador for this social enterprise i am interested in spreading this idea.

2- Syrian women refugee ,need to be better treated.

3-Syrian women Allied in all over the world.take a action for great change .

5-Disabled people have the right to travel everywhere.

6-Hand in Hand to rebuild Syria.

7-Stop the war in Syria.It is time to rebuild.

If you have better ideas please help.


Hi Samia,

You have a lot of really great ideas here!

Is there one of these ideas that really excites you more than the others? From your previous posts (especially your resources post), I know that you've written about your passion to empower women, so I would encourage you to choose something that you feel deeply about. 

Other things to think about: who your audience would be, what action you would want them to take, and what you want the outcome to be (especially if there is something specific, which could help narrow it down). Also think about how digital media could support your campaign. 

So, for example, if you chose #2, that Syrian women refugees need to be treated better, this is the general outcome you want, but who would the audience be and what action would you want them to take (and is there a more specific outcome)? For example, are the people of a country where Syrian refugee women the audience? Or the international community as a whole? Or the government of a certain country? And, depending on which of these audiences you choose, what action do you want them to take? If it is the international community, maybe you want them to sign a petition (and use digital media to spread the word about this petition) or use a hashtag you create on their Facebook/Twitter page to share stories of women refugees. If it's the government, do you want them to pass a specific policy, and would you use digital media to pressure them into this or to gain support?

My recommendation for choosing your topic would be to do these two things - first, think about which of these is really calling you. Are you more passionate about one of these ideas? I know you are involved in different types of work, and there may be a way to integrate several of your interests into one campaign! Then, once you narrow it down to a few options, go through the process of thinking through these things: who is your audience, what actions do you want them to take, what do you want the outcome to be, and how could you use digital media to support this. 

You have a lot of great ideas here that could turn into very powerful digital action campaigns. And just because you create one DAC for VOF, doesn't mean you can't create another, or even one for each of these issues, in the future! You will have the skills you need to create and run a powerful campaign when the training is over. 

I also encourage you to talk through some of these ideas with your mentor - she might be able to guide you as well as you consider which is your best option. 

I hope that helps, but please let me know if you have other questions!



Hello Samia,

Your list of ideas is impressive I would say chose the one which motivates you to use your voice, chose the one which excites a passion within you and chose the one which is close to your heart.


Sherna Alexander Benjamin

"Whenever the human rights of one is violated the human rights of all are in jeopardy." - Sherna Alexander Benjamin

Dear Samia, You have so many wonderful ideas to write on. But you have to be very passionate about one that you will choose to write on. Its not easy but if you sit down and think deeply, you will find that one issue that is so close to your heart. All the best my dear sister and looking forward to what you will choose.

Mrs. Anita Kiddu Muhanguzi

Executive Director and Co Founder

Sowing Seeds of Tumaini

Skype: mrs_muhanguzi

Dear Samia,

I agree with the rest of the comments. All of these are wonderful ideas for potential campaigns and issues that need to be addressed so much. However, at this moment is important that you focus on the one that is closest to your heart, your passion and the resources you have available right now. Perhaps, there is one issue that if it is addressed it will generate change on the other issues at the same time. Think of the possibilities of how you can make one of the issues very visible in social media, what will your communities respond better? sharing a story on Facebook? Creating videos? organizing workshops? I am sure whichever you choose, it will be a powerful step to the change you want to see and make.



Dear Samia,

You have excellent ideas and I agree with comments and questions provided here in response. If I may, I suggest you pick one that you are most passionate about and believe you can help make the most difference, with incremental steps. And how will those changes and offerings of help be done using social media and other digital tools.

From reading your asset map and other stories posted on World Pulse, I sense a strong, intelligent,  passionate, compassionate human being. How can you take your energy,  resources and training to put together a digital campaign that may fuse two ideas together or make one a very strong, planned campaign?

I look forward to reading more about your work and the inroads you make.