Leadership Roles & Badges

On World Pulse, the more you share your voice and support others, the more change you make. We celebrate our most transformational leaders with special badges. 

Community Leadership Program

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Want to make a difference in women’s lives worldwide in just a few minutes a day? Become an Encourager! Encouragers help every woman on World Pulse feel seen and heard by leaving supportive comments on their stories.

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Mentors are individuals inspired to support women’s leadership. They partner with World Pulse's Advanced Digital Changemaking trainees and Impact Leaders to support them as they create the change they seek in the world.


Vocal Contributor

The Vocal Contributor badge appears on your World Pulse profile when you maintain a high level of activity by posting stories and resources, and connecting with other members.


Featured Storyteller

Featured Storytellers are World Pulse members whose stories have been selected by World Pulse editors for publication in the Voices of the Week section of the Story Awards page.

Become a Featured Storyteller

Digital Changemaking 101

This member has completed Digital Changemaking 101, a 3-week introductory course which helps beginning and experienced changemakers become comfortable sharing their stories, connects participants to other changemakers around the world, and teaches them to use digital tools to make a difference in their own lives and the lives of others.

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Advanced Digital Changemaking

This member has completed Digital Changemaking, a 12-week advanced course which gives changemakers with a strong vision for change the chance to learn the digital tools needed to help share their vision and mobilize the world around it. Advanced Digital Changemaking catalyzes leadership power, connects women leaders around the world, provides personalized mentorship for every trainee, and helps trainees to generate real impact in their communities.

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Ambassadors are a select group of experienced and dedicated World Pulse members. They build connections with large groups of women on the ground, bridging the online and offline worlds to bring more women into the World Pulse community.

Impact Leader

Impact Leaders are a highly select group of Advanced Digital Changemaking graduates. They are leaders of established on-the-ground changemaking campaigns on a variety of issues. Through the Impact Leader program, they receive support, visibility, and funding to grow their changemaking efforts, share solutions that really work, and amplify their impact. 

world pulse staff

The World Pulse Staff come from a variety of backgrounds to make up a team committed to women's empowerment. 


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To see who our current World Pulse community leaders are, go to the Member Directory and filter your search by badge.

Additional roles are in development, so stay tuned to learn about other ways you can become a World Pulse community leader. 

To learn more about the Advanced Digital Changemaking program (formerly known as Voices of Our Future) and other World Pulse training opportunities, click here.

If you have any questions about the roles, please contact us.