With over 10 years of working in the field of communication (PR,Broadcast journalism,News writing,production etc) i must say what began as just an ability to speak eloquently has grown to be a field i have some mastery of and passion for. 

I am called Leila Kigha from Cameroon. 

I will say i am  good in doing several things when it comes to the world of communication: Making short videos/Editing, Speaking and conversation skills, utilizing social media for business,research and planning, event management, team building....but i am more passionate today in training on effective communication skills / Personal brand building...

When i enrolled for a B.Sc in Journalism and Mass Communication, i knew it was what i loved to do because i already admired many women i saw on tv and looked forward to becoming like them.After i graduated i have spent the past 10+ years working in the field of communication at different levels (Manager,journalist,editor in chief,media and promotion planner etc) This equally led me to study and get training in other fields like marketing and personal branding.  All these experiences have built an expertise and today i spend more time teaching others how they can grow their businesses, sell them selves, work on their image, communicate in public, build confidence etc

On social media  i have a private group called "Your ExtraOrdinary Life". i teach Communication and personal branding Tips to women for the most part. I have had to use interactive training methods (visual if possible)  and it has proven to be the best method to empower others. It is exchange based and it permits me to get to know the participants and their struggles when they respond or pose questions.i just finished an 8 step series on things to learn from women with great brands. I will be recording in the days ahead videos for a series on how to build your brand so as to position yourself as an expert. this is the next phase of what i will be sharing with the members of the group. 

It also builds a bond  and when that is achieved, exchange can take place with so much ease.It instills trust because you can put a face to the person or people you are interacting with and using the  World pulse platform is ideal because we are already  family  and we are all comfortably at home here:)

For the sake of effectiveness, followup and commitment it is advisable to have little groups of 15- 20 people per session. Its important to be able to impact each life be it on the global platform or on a one on one basis.  

So for everything Communication/ Personal branding, i humbly think i got it covered, though i am still seeking to learn more!!!



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