Digital Changemaking 101: How to Use the Internet to Change your Life


We are so happy to have you join us in this powerful online training. This course is designed to empower you with skills in using digital communication to increase your knowledge, voice your stories, and articulate solutions that will help you make change in your life and the lives of others. At World Pulse, our mission is to create a world where all women thrive, one click, one comment, one connection at a time. As a social networking platform connecting women worldwide for change, we believe in the power of digital technology as the fastest way to unite and empower women everywhere. And we see digital changemaking training as a crucial step to harnessing this power.

The World Pulse Community spoke out, asking us for accessible leadership trainings with wide and global reach for women at all stages of their leadership journeys and digital skills. We listened, and this self-led training is the first step. It is designed to help you develop solid digital skills you can use to change your life and the lives of those around you.

In order to complete Digital Changemaking 101 training, you will refer to the instructions in each module posted on the training group and follow the information on where and how to post your assignments.

Are you taking this training with a cohort of women from around the world? If so, there will be Volunteer Listeners during your three-week training providing feedback and commenting on your assignments.

If you are taking the training independently on your own schedule and wish to see when the cohort training is being offered, please check the World Pulse website and Training Page. However, if joining a cohort doesn’t work for you, that is ok! You still have the opportunity to go through the training and access all of the program materials at your own pace and on your own schedule.

The World Pulse community is a supportive community of changemakers worldwide. We encourage you to be a part of this community by supporting your fellow participants in this training. Ask other participants for feedback. Reach out, and invite them to become part of your own personal community. Respond to their questions and encourage their digital journey!

 So, what is Digital Changemaking?

Digital changemaking is the act of using digital tools to create positive change in your own life and in your community.

Digital tools are very powerful: they can increase our access to opportunities, help us voice our personal and collective visions, enable us to broadcast solutions to challenges, and assist us in connecting to others with similar goals. This digital changemaking training will introduce you to some of today’s most important digital tools for making an impact. Whether you are just starting out online, or you have been using digital technology for a long time to push for change, run your business or complete your schooling, there is always a new skill to learn, or a specific digital tool to understand a little better. 

Goals for this training:

  • Tell your story on an international platform
  • Find and grow a network of inspiring changemakers both locally and globally
  • Learn new digital skills 


How Do I Navigate the Training?

The training is composed of three modules that include training content and assignments. The information below will help you navigate the training, and ensure that you complete it entirely. If you have other questions about navigating the training, please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), found in the Digital Changemaking 101 training group.

Modules: Each of the three modules contains content and assignments for one topic of the training. The modules will help you access the training materials and ensure that you are able to meet the training goals and learning objectives.

Learning Outcomes: Learning outcomes are goals for each section of the training. By reading the content and completing the assignments, you will achieve the learning outcomes for each section.

Assignments: Assignments are tasks at the end of each module that put the training materials into practice. Each module will give you instructions on how and where to submit your assignments.

Thinking Exercises: Thinking exercises are a chance for you to engage with the material more deeply. Thinking exercises do not have to be written out. They are simply questions to consider. They are meant to improve your understanding and help you apply the training content to your own life.

Questions: If you have questions during the training, please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page on the Digital Changemaking 101 group. If your question has not been answered, please write it as a comment on the comment section of the FAQ, so that World Pulse staff can answer your question. You can also email with your questions and comments.

Timeline: This training is designed to be completed in three weeks. Even so, you are welcome to finish the materials at your own pace and schedule. However, be aware that we only process Certificates of Completion approximately every two months. Once you complete the assignments please email us at and check our website for more updates about this and the upcoming trainings

Language: At this time we ask that you submit your assignment in English. However, you can use the Google Translation tool, which is at the right-hand top corner of any World Pulse page, to help. Click on the "Translate page" tab to find your language. Listeners will also be posting comments in English or French on your assignments. Please remember that Google Translate is not a perfect tool and there may be mistakes, but it can allow you to have a broader sense of the training materials and our website sections.