Rising Our Collective Voices One Story at a Time

Another opportunity to build a united group of changemakers is to participate in World Pulse’s newest storytelling program driving social change: Story Awards. World Pulse Editors are constantly publishing stories sourced directly from our community of changemakers, and Story Awards makes it easy to speak out about the most important issues happening around the world. Every week, World Pulse editors release a new call for stories on issues ranging from reproductive justice to economic empowerment. Stories selected by our editors are published to the Voices Rising page. Some of the stories submitted are selected and the authors become Featured Storytellers and receive a $100 US honorarium and have their story promoted on World Pulse social media and are eligible to be published in mainstream media through World Pulse partners like TIME magazine.

World Pulse allows for networks of women changemakers, supporters and global partners to mobilize around pressing issues by banding together to make change. Whether you join an active campaign led by another community member, or you decide to start your own, World Pulse is a platform where citizens of the world unite to make the changes we all need. We hope to share solutions for a sustainable future so that every woman can make positive, lasting change in her community within her lifetime. The collection of these stories and initiatives will generate a ripple effect that will be seen in our local communities and on a global scale. 

Thinking Exercise:

  1. What kind of resources would you like to find to support your efforts?
  2. What kind of skills and strengths would you like to share with others?