Part I: Continued

 Trainings for the Future:

Once you have completed your training session (during your participation in this course), it is time to imagine how you might be able to use the Digital Changemaking Trainer’s Toolkit to empower others to share their stories and develop solutions together. How could you make a big difference and collaborate to produce great ideas and actions? Work through this activity in order to develop a plan.

  1. Take a look at the different elements of World Pulse’s Digital Changemaking Trainer’s Toolkit, found here on our website.
  2. Who might benefit from this training?
  3. What parts of this training could you use? How might you adapt to your local audience? Could you translate it into your local language? Are there some ideas that would be more applicable to your local community than others?
  4. Could you collaborate with others who might have expertise to contribute?
  5. List three possible kinds of training you could lead. What might each kind of training look like? Who might come? What would work best in your local community or within your social network?
  6. Do any of these three possibilities seem more needed, or more likely to be successful – as you define success?
  7. How long will your training be?
  8. Where might this training take place?
  9. Are there any obstacles or safety concerns that might block possible training opportunities? These obstacles might include geography, time considerations, limited communications, access to technology, or safety concerns.
  10.  Are there ways to overcome these obstacles or safeguard against security concerns?