Voices of Our Future 2012 Editorial Midwives

World Pulse has created a network of Editorial Midwifes to champion, nurture, catalyze, challenge and support Voices of Our Future Correspondents throughout the program. Editorial Midwives use their expertise as writers, bloggers and journalists to help Correspondents hone their unique voices and communicate their visions to a global audience. Thank you to all the professional women who are dedicating their time and passion to helping the next generation of grassroots women leaders succeed!


Sally Hedman

Correspondent: Juliette Maughan 



Farnoosh Fathi

Correspondent: Parwana Fayyaz 



Roz Siegel

Correspondent: Maddy M. 



Lisa Cox

Correspondent: mlaphimon 



Amy Maroney

Correspondent: Ikirimat 



Abigail Diskin

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Correspondent: nasreenamina 



Leslie Stoupas

Correspondent: mirette




Jana Potter

Correspondent: Okeny-Lucia



Karoline Kemp

Correspondent: Aliya Bashir



Kristin Miller

Correspondent: Celine



Emily Brewer

Correspondent: Hummingbird



Jinx Faulkner

Correspondent: Chinemu



Anna Sontag

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Correspondent: Usha KC



Julie Tomlin

Correspondent: malba66



Jan Askin

Correspondent: amiesissoho



Rosemary Hannan

Correspondent: noreens



Pushpa Achanta

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Correspondent: Stella Paul 



Anne Dujmovic

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Correspondent: zoneziwoh



Laura Stull

Correspondent: treasureland 



Barbara Bracewell

Correspondent: MaDube



Deb Engle

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Correspondent: Rahel Weldeab



Lois Parshley

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Correspondent: ruthibelle 



Jocelyn Edelstein

Correspondent: Paulina Lawsin 



Michelle Coburn

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Correspondent: Monica Clarke 



Valerie Bagley

Correspondent: Neema 



Leslie Parrilla

Correspondent: katyrdz 



Thais Moraes

Correspondent: Valeria Barbosa da Silva



Caitlyn Henry

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Correspondent: lymalin



Jennifer Baljko

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Correspondent: Sahro



Lisa Teberg

Correspondent: redsbird



Elizabeth Fautsch

Correspondent: Duda