Voices of Our Future Application: Week One

Introduction to Citizen Journalism and Digital Empowerment

Week One of the application process has been designed to provide you with an introduction to women’s empowerment through digital media, and citizen journalism. These are rich and complex topics and we are only scratching the surface.

Whether you are an active blogger or just recently started to use the Internet, we hope you will learn something new and valuable this week that supports your personal goals and vision in a digital media world. We also hope to ignite a passion to seek out ways to bring your voice to a global audience.

Before you get started, please take a moment to read through our Safety and Security Guidelines.

Week 1 Learning Outcomes and Reading Material

During this week, you will be introduced to:

Digital Media and Women's Empowerment (1/3)
An Introduction to Digital Media Concepts (2/3)
Opportunities Provided by Digital Media (3/3)

Once you are done with the 3 readings, access Week One Assignment

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