Our Vision and Values (2/4)

Our Values

Through our seven founding values, World Pulse has created a network for women, a platform for change, and a sanctuary for those who have been silent. Through our Voices, we are able to create a new world. With Courage we create Possibility. With Beauty we Innovate the world. Through Connections, we Transform our world.

What We Do

World Pulse is an action media network powered by women from 190 countries. Through our programs, we lift and unite women’s voices to accelerate their impact for the world. By connecting women through digital technology, we bring women’s voices out of the shadows and on to the world stage.

We Bring Women a Global Voice

Our online community is a sanctuary where every woman with access to the Internet can be heard and connect with women across the world to solve global problems. New ideas and solutions rise from the ground up as women speak out from remote regions and hot spots via Internet cafés or cell phones.

We Magnify the Power of Women's Voices

Our editorial desk and digital action campaigns promote the most powerful community voices and community solutions to major media outlets and influential forums. We vet, package, and channel women’s stories—in their own words—to forums like CNN, the Huffington Post, the UN, and the U.S. Department of State.

We Equip Women with Tools to be Vocal Agents of Change

We equip grassroots women to become empowered leaders and vocal agents of change through our annual online citizen journalism and digital empowerment training program called “Voices of Our Future.” Each correspondent is matched with a professional vision mentor and editorial mentor who support her to develop her vision. World Pulse publishes their stories and three correspondents are selected each year to travel to the US for our nation-wide speaking and media tour, World Pulse LIVE.

Our Vision: A Vocal Uprising

In collaboration with our partners, we are building the world’s leading action media network, powered by millions of women who are transmitting local and global change from every region of the world. It’s a revolution that has already begun.

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