Our Editorial Cycle (3/4)

Editorial Guidelines As you contemplate your weekly assignments, keep in mind the vision, mission, and editorial voice of World Pulse. World Pulse’s editorial voice is unique. We are founded on the belief that there is a world of untapped knowledge, innovation, and vision held by the women of the earth. We cover global issues through the eyes of women and look for stories that are solutions-oriented, timely, and that demonstrate the collective power of women globally. Our editors look at community content and consider them for publication on our Magazine page. We also push these stories out to major media forums such as the Huffington Post, National Geographic, and Reuters. We favor stories that emphasize creativity, courage, innovation, restoration, efficiency, transition, transformation, and collaboration. We are far more likely to publish a piece that illustrates a relationship to the larger landscape of global social change. For example, we are not likely to publish a story on an orphanage for trafficked children in Cambodia. However, we may consider publishing a story that highlights a growing network of care centers for children throughout Cambodia, or a global phenomenon of "polyclinics" of hope for trafficked children. For a great example of solutions-oriented writing, check out Leah Auma Okeyo’s story on the left side of your screen. Our editors are always active online searching for new content and emerging voices, and we ask that our writers engage with the community. So remember, even if you are not chosen for one of the limited places in the Voices of Our Future program, you still have the opportunity to be published on World Pulse. We encourage you to discover World Pulse and our online community. Get to know your fellow applicants and some of the 17,000 other members. Check out groups like the Ending Gender Based Violence, or The Nigerian Cafe, and see what topics the community is talking about. Find out what is important to other women out there, and add your ideas to the conversation!

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Week Two Learning Materials The Story of World Pulse (1/4) Our Vision and Values (2/4) Our Editorial Cycle (3/4) The Soul of World Pulse (4/4) Once you are done with the 4 readings, access Week Two Assignment

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