The Soul of World Pulse (4/4)


Let us be a loudspeaker for women of the world. Let us call forth voice where before there was silence. Let us stand back while they speak up, for their words are so beautiful they need no adornment. Let us be their platform, their forum, their safe haven, their sanctuary, an amplifier no one can ignore. Let us create a world where women are not only free, but empowered so greatly as to be unstoppable. A world where women can transform her life as well as the lives of those around her by simply raising her voice. One voice at a time, millions of voices strong. Until the sound is so deafening, the whole world will hear their music. It’s not just a dream—it’s a revolution that has already begun. This is the pulse that transforms the world.


You are a part of the Pulse. Listen to The Soul Of World Pulse

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Week Two Learning Materials The Story of World Pulse (1/4) Our Vision and Values (2/4) Our Editorial Cycle (3/4) The Soul of World Pulse (4/4) Once you are done with the 4 readings, access Week Two Assignment

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