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As a Voices Of Our Future applicant you are invited to take a leadership role in the World Pulse community. Some of you have already been active in dialoguing with members and some of you are just getting started! World Pulse brings people from around the world together into one community to empower women and create global change. Think of each community member as a neighbor whom you can ask for advice, reach out to for support, and collaborate with to take action. In this section we will offer you some ideas on how to engage with the World Pulse community. By sparking dialogue on issues that concern you, sharing opportunities and lessons, welcoming new members and helping to point them in the right direction, you can build a leadership role in our community of grassroots women leaders from around the world. In this way, you will be able to build a network of support and inspiration for your work and help deepen the impact grassroots women leaders can have in people's lives, communities, and globally. Sparking Dialogue One of the most exciting things about World Pulse is the ability for women from all corners of the world to connect on common ground, dissolving barriers of geography, culture, and language. More than ever before, you can now develop personal connections with women thousands of miles away. Last year we created a World Pulse video. Watch to gain further understanding of the power behind becoming part of World Pulse. Every year we produce six editions of our emagazine. All of our stories are hand selected by our Editorial Department from the voices in our World Pulse community. Our editors are always active on the site, combing through community submissions. All VOF assignments have the opportunity to become a part of our editorial workflow, where our editors polish, vet, and authenticate stories and then push them out to our media partners, including the Gates Foundation’s Impatient Optimist blog, the Huffington Post, National Geographic, CNN iReport, and Reuters. We also work with a number of NGOs to channel stories directly to their sites. Read the most current March 2013 edition of World Pulse emagazine. As a new member to World Pulse, we encourage you to participate in our monthly Call for Submissions. Your writing has the potential to be produced in our next edition. This month we are calling for submissions on Maternal Health. Every year, approximately 287,000 girls and women die from pregnancy-related causes. Are you aware of innovative solutions to maternal mortality that you want to see shared and replicated? If you have a perspective on maternal health issues in your community, we want to hear from you! We are partnering with Women Deliver to raise the volume on voices speaking out for maternal health. Share your story in our online community and add the tag "Maternal Health" to your journal to be considered for publication. If you have any questions about the process please contact There are several ways you can show support and leadership as people become part of World Pulse:Become a Welcomer: Our goal is to make World Pulse as supportive, interactive and collaborative as possible. Welcomers play a vital role in being the first point of contact, welcoming our new members to our global community. Remember when you first joined World Pulse and received an introductory message or comment on your journal from one of our members? That was a Welcomer! You are not required to become a Welcomer, but it is a great way to contribute to our supportive environment and meet new people. If you would like to do this, please follow the directions below: First, create your own unique style for welcoming new members to World Pulse. Try to make your message personal by making note of something the new member indicated about their work or passions in their introduction.. Here is an example of a welcoming message to new members: Dear (name), Welcome to World Pulse! You are now part of a thriving community of grassroots women leaders and supporters from 190 countries. See the World Pulse Getting Started Guide to learn more about networking in our community: I look forward to hearing your voice in the community! In friendship, (your name) You can find new members in our Member Directory, where most recent members will appear first. When a new member first fills out their profile, this information will be the basis of their first journal entry, allowing you to comment. When you click on a member profile, underneath their picture is a list of most recent posts. Click on the introductory journal and add your comment to welcome them to the community! You can also find their introductory journals in the Voices Rising section. If a member hasn’t yet filled out their profile, you can welcome them by sending a private message. Click on the white envelope next to their profile picture that says “send a private message”. Concentrate on members who have not been welcomed by at least 1-2 people yet. Our goal is that each new member is welcomed by 2-3 people at least. This is a task that can be completed any time of day – and as much or as little as you’re available to spend on it. By becoming a Welcomer you have the opportunity to…

  • Network! If you see new members that you share interests with, introduce yourself and welcome them! A personal connection can make someone feel welcome in the community, especially if you are willing to share your personal story or experiences. If someone intrigues you, encourage them to share their perspective by asking questions and expressing your interest.
  • Tap into community wisdom.What better way is there to start a conversation than by asking a question? You can pose questions to people as comments on their Journal posts, in your own Journal, or as a Group post. Questions are great for probing a little deeper and help to reveal insights the writer may have originally held back. Creating conversations is such an important part of Web 2.0. Try dedicating an Internet session to responding to other bloggers or following up on comments to your posts to encourage dialogue and find out about other people's lives, issues, and projects.
  • Join a Group. World Pulse Groups are great places for people to gather for discussion. We encourage you to actively involve yourself by posting a journal to introduce yourself, bring up discussion points or questions, share insight, personal experiences or innovative solutions on the group topic. If the group seems inactive, it might just need a kick-start! You can access a full list of groups on World Pulse at the Groups Directory. To post to the group journal, you must click on the “contribute” tab.

Online Community Leadership Program Here at World Pulse, we recognize that you are leaders not only on the ground in your communities, but in the World Pulse online community as well. The World Pulse Community Leadership roles recognize and support leadership and initiative taken by World Pulse members to engage online. Each role is represented by a badge, which appears on one’s profile and posts. Click here to learn more about our Online Community Leadership Program. Below are some suggested activities for getting started as a community leader! Together we can expand our networks! You are not required to do the following, we just wanted to give you some useful tips:

  • Ask five of your friends to join World Pulse .
  • Post to the Resource Exchange or, look through offers for funding opportunities and other resources you need for your work.
  • Join a group and kick-start a conversation by posting a question.
  • Comment on five member's journals that encourage the author to deepen the dialogue. Show your support, ask questions, and get the conversation going!

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