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The ResourceExChange bulletin board was created by World Pulse for the World Pulse community to exchange goods and services. The ResourceExChange functions on the principles of generosity and integrity, and each individual who uses the ResourceExChange is bound to the World Pulse Terms of Service. You can post all kinds of different needs and offers: opportunities, funding, marketplace, language, information sharing, supplies,mentoring and training, travel and transport, communications technology, and more. When working on a project it is easy to be overwhelmed by what you feel that you need in order to succeed. Think of the ResourceExChange as a global community bulletin board where you can ask for what you need and offer your services to other World Pulse members. You may first want to start by making a list of your current resources: supportive neighbors, a friend who can help you design a flyer, or another friend who always has great ideas who can help your fundraiser. When you have finished this list, make another list with everything you need. Are there specific tasks someone may be able to help you accomplish? Do you need someone to offer feedback on your grant proposal? Do you need to know how to lead a public discussion exposing human trafficking in your own city? Do you need help transporting supplies or building a website? Post your needs in ResourceExChange For example... recently World Pulse Member Zoneziwoh applied for a $1000 award through DAWNS our ResourceExChange. DAWNS is a mission-driven enterprise to help lower the barriers to compelling humanitarian storytelling. Since launching its service a year ago the organization has given away three storytelling grants, totaling $1,500. Zoneziwoh applied and then posted in her journal asking for the World Pulse community to give her support. Her fellow World Pulse sisters and brothers supported her efforts and she won the award! The idea that investing in women is the key to ending global poverty, is catching like wildfire. And as a communications platform for this movement, people are coming to World Pulse looking to get involved and invest in grassroots women leaders worldwide, because they know that you hold the key. When they reach out to our ResourceExchange it is likely to be someone that can offer advice or expertise. For example… you could post a "Need" for supplies - like sanitary napkins or medical instruments. Maybe you are looking for volunteers to staff a clinic. You can make a post for that too! Whatever your needs are, we suggest that you includes as much information as possible. The more someone can connect with you and understand your vision, the more likely you are to get support. And don't forget to post your offers! Susanna runs an artisan cooperative in Otovalo, Ecuador. She's always looking for fair trade businesses to work with. We recommend she create an "Offer" in the Resource Exchange for "Business Opportunity: Fair-Trade Ecuadorian Pottery by Women Artisans". She's also holding an artisan workshop for visitors to learn the traditional art of weaving. She could post an "Offer" for "Traditional Weaving Workshops in Otovalo, Ecuador."

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