Vision Mentor Framework (1/3)

We Believe Women Will Transform The World-- But first, we must transform ourselves. All of us face hurdles in finding time for ourselves, engaging in the activities we find fulfilling, and having the courage to go after our dreams. For grassroots women leaders who are often living in the very situations we seek to change, these challenges are magnified. We fill our days struggling for the rights of women and men in our communities, but rarely do we have someone to support us, to share the burden and cheer us on. By applying for Voices of Our Future and signing up for our online community, you have decided to join an outspoken community for change. But how do you go about achieving your dreams, taking care of yourself, and beginning or continuing your work as an empowered change leader? World Pulse believes that having someone to support you is key to achieving your potential. Each woman who participates in the five-month training program will be paired with a personal Vision Mentor. We will select 30 outstanding professional women with experience in mentoring and coaching with a global lens, who will help provide the support and care that change leaders often give their communities, but lack themselves. Vision Mentors can act as another pair of ears to listen to our worries, our ideas, and help us clarify our visions and take action. Although we wish we could pair every woman who applies to this program with a Vision Mentor, we are thrilled to provide you with a short introduction to our Vision Mentor framework. If you would like to find someone to help support you on your journey, we suggest you check out the Mentorship and Training section of our Resource Exchange.

Vision Mentor: Witness, Listener, Catalyst Nurturer

In listening to these deep challenges that grassroots women face, World Pulse has created a network of Vision Mentors to champion, nurture, catalyze, challenge and support our Correspondents throughout the program. We are redefining the traditional notion of mentoring as “power bestowed” to “power from within.” What do we mean by this? Mentoring has often been thought of as a one-way street, with the mentor “bestowing” or giving their knowledge, skills and experience to their mentee. We believe this traditional view is too hierarchical and does not recognize that each of us has what it takes to achieve our dreams within us; and that mentors benefit from the learning and experience of their mentees as well. Therefore, we are piloting a model of mentoring that is focused on creating a transformational partnership that will support each Correspondent in vocalizing and activating her vision for change. Our four principals for transformational partnership are: Witnessing, Listening, Catalyzing and Nurturing. As Witnesses, Vision Mentors:

  • Contract with their Correspondent as a skillful expert and open learner committed to clear, reciprocal benefits of a mutually fulfilling partnership.
  • Witness and reflect their Correspondent’s life story, her wisdom, imagination and gifts that will build her confidence as an “author” of her own voice.
  • Act as a “vision keeper.” Whatever the circumstances and context that may arise, ensure consistency and presence as a partner in helping their Correspondent realize her vision.

As a Listener, Vision Mentors:

  • Provide deep support to their Correspondent to stay safe, overcome personal barriers and complete the program.
  • Listen for their Correspondent’s unique voice and inquire about what is unsaid--what may be silenced or hidden.
  • Be a guardian of the Correspondent’s truths as a non-judgmental listener.

As a Catalyst, Vision Mentors:

  • Balance accountability, support and challenge, staying focused but being flexible to realities of each Correspondent.
  • Ensure their Correspondent initiates, asks for and seeks external resources, community and connection to achieve her vision.
  • Crystallize the key learnings of the Voices of Our Future program while sustaining a long term view of Correspondent’s personal and professional vision.

As a Nurturer, Vision Mentors:

  • Nurture the Correspondent and her vision across cultures, generations and differences through empathy, deep rapport, compassion, humility and a spirit of mutual discovery.
  • Support the Correspondent’s self-care practices to balance social activism with reflection, health and resiliency as an inspiration and role model to her family and community.

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Week 4 Learning Materials Vision Mentor Framework (1/3) Losing Innate Female Wisdom (2/3) Taking Back the Wisdom of the Feminine (3/3) Once you are done with the 3 readings, access Week Four Assignment

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