Taking Back the Wisdom of the Feminine (3/3)

Seven Practices for Taking Back the Wisdom of the Feminine

  1. 1. Face your fear. Home to emotions, intuition, passion, and spirituality, the deep, mysterious feminine can be a terrifying place. Confront your fear of being irrational, unproductive, or out of control, of your own body, and of death. Only then can you begin to fully explore and truly feel your innate feminine power. 2. Create the trinity of home, roots, and community. To flourish, female wisdom needs a room of its own, a firm sense of place, and an extended, supportive family. 3. Cultivate a sacred quartet. Silence, Simplicity, Solitude, and Slowness are all vital to sustaining a rich interior life. Develop this quartet through contemplative practices, whether meditation, prayer, yoga, tai chi, or listening to classical music. 4. Take time to honor your body, your senses, and the natural world. Commit to balancing the rational wisdom of your head with the instinctual wisdom of your body and the earth. Place a priority on restful sleep and sensual pleasures. Take a walk. Plant a garden. Regularly just be outdoors. 5. Engage in creative arts. Do something every day to strengthen your imagination and your intuitive right brain. Write, draw, dance, sing, sculpt, or play an instrument. 6. Create your own women’s support group. Reach out to and forge connections with other women—family, friends, neighbors, colleagues, and strangers. Surround yourself with women’s stories, women’s experiences, women’s struggles, and women’s triumphs. Learn from women’s wisdom. (On our online community!) 7. Embrace the other. Feminine wisdom celebrates inclusiveness and paradoxes. Welcome a diversity of people into your inner life. Stay open to experiences and lifestyles, ethnic and faith traditions, social and political perspectives that contrast with and challenge your own. *** Inspired by Returning to My Mother’s House: Taking Back the Wisdom of the Feminine by Gail Straub (High Point; October 2008; ISBN: 978-0-9630347-5-1; distributed by Chelsea Green Publishing).

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    Week 4 Learning Materials Vision Mentor Framework (1/3) Losing Innate Female Wisdom (2/3) Taking Back the Wisdom of the Feminine (3/3) Once you are done with the 3 readings, access Week Four Assignment
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