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Pre-Planning Worksheet Before planning a workshop or community event, it is good to ask yourself some key conceptual questions. As you answer these questions your plan will become more clearly defined, and your work moving ahead will be more strategic. In addition, these questions will help you identify what resources you already have, and what gaps remain. You can download the Pre-Planning Worksheet below. Event/Training Tracking Sheet Keeping track of the community trainings or events that you organize is important for both your own record-keeping, and for fund raising and measuring impact. If you apply for a grant, often the foundation will ask you about the impact you've had so far within your community. The information you gather here will enable you to give them the statistics they need! If you are asked to write a report for your organization, this information will provide the facts to back up your impact statement. The information below is disaggregated (separated) by age and gender. This is key in your ability to understand who you are impacting. You can also add in other information, depending on what groups you are targeting. For example, if you want to train rural women who have immigrated to larger cities for economic opportunities, you may want to keep track of which villages participants are from so that you ensure you are reaching your target community. Similarly, if you want to give a training on peace-building or conflict resolution to two ethnic or religious groups, you may wish to note how many of your participants are from each group. We also encourage you to keep track of your trainings and events so that World Pulse can measure the indirect impact of Voices of Our Future. Indirect impact measures the effect our program is having beyond the 30 correspondents who completed the program. In other words, if we train one woman from Kenya, her ability to complete the program is part of our direct impact. If she then goes on and trains 10 women in her community on web 2.0, the women she trained are part of our indirect impact. Measuring our indirect impact helps us know if the Each One Teach Five component works, enables us to raise funds for future programs, and guides our program development. As you carry out trainings and events, we would love to receive copies of the Basic Training/Event Information sheets that you use. You can send those directly to Scott,, or Rachael, If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. You can download the Basic Event/Information One-Page document below. Participant Questionnaire The document below provides a basic template for you to receive feedback about your training or event. Before and after surveys can be a useful tool in understanding the impact of your training/event, ensuring you are covering the topics you wanted, and that participant expectations are being met. The results from your questionnaires can be helpful in making adjustments to your training/event and improving your impact over time. This is only a template and we encourage you to change the questions to fit your specific activities. You can also conduct these sorts of surveys without using pen and paper! This is particularly important if you are working with a group of people whose reading and writing skills are not strong. You can ask the exact same information in a pre- or post-training discussion and write down the responses yourself. Just remember, that if you are conducting a training on a sensitive subject (such as domestic violence or HIV/AIDS) you may not receive accurate answers in a group setting. In these cases, you may want to talk with participants one- on- one in a private atmosphere. You can download the Basic Participant Questionnaire One-Page document below. World Pulse Outreach Material World Pulse is currently designing a series of Outreach Material that will help us spread the word about our work and the impact our programs have on women and communities world wide. We recently completed the designing of a toolkit that you can use to train other women to join our Online Community in the form of a Flipbook. You can download this Outreach Flipbook Here


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