ETA 2nd session
ETA 2nd session: Photo (C) by Buklod TAO
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It’s been half a year since I graduated from World Pulse, Digital Change Making Training, a leadership training that helped me see myself, the inner me and my passion.

ETA is one of the product of the training that helped me see my purpose. At first, Empowerment through Art  was a fundraising campaign for Batis-AWARE, but as time passes by, It became a program that gives art workshop and therapies to other communities, also it empowers the aspiring artists to use their imagination and creativity in creating social artistry.

Last August, I was invited by Caritas Lebanon, for the 10 day Human trafficking campaign, to speak and facilitate Art workshop and therapy for the migrant women victims from almost 8 countries.

Presently ETA is working on “Empowering Communities Through Art” It’s a great privilege to facilitate and teach Painting in Buklod TAO.

Buklod Tao Org. is a people’s organization, leaded by Mr. Manuel A. Abilanes (Ka Noli). located at Brgy. Banaba, San Mateo, Rizal. Buklod Tao reinforces the capacity of communities to respond in disasters and to help enhance their environment.

With the help from Buklod Tao Organization, we are in our 3rd session and hopefully by the 2nd week of December, Buklod Tao will conduct an exhibit, presenting the artworks done by the men, women and children of the community, to raise fund and awareness for the organization.

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Dear Cecile,

It is great to have news on how your community art projects are flourishing. Congratulations on being invited for the 10 day Human trafficking campaign, to speak and facilitate. Art is such a beautiful and powerful way to bring out the talents of people and to create community.  I hope word continues to spread that you are offering this.

In sisterhood,