As the day draws to an end,I take sometime before I jet off to snooze land to reflect on the many wonderful women that I have been opportuned to meet,women who have beautifully colored my world with their love,warmth,resilience,strength,grace and courage.

First of all my mother,who has been an example to me in so many ways,who has taught me never to give up inspite of challenges.the woman who empowered me to be a woman who can fend for herself without having to look for employment anywhere,I say thank you.

Then sister letichia,my headmistress in primary school who always had a ready smile for me,especially when I was still settling down into a new school,thank you.

Then mrs babalola,my principal in secondary school who was a mother in every ramification;she taught us at st annes the proper conduct of a lady:sit up straight,be kind,how to pronounce some really hard words.she did her best to bring out the diamond in the charcoal many of us were.

Then my wonderful sisters bolaji and bolade who believed unwaveringly in me when I was just starting out as a seamstress,they believed I could sow anything even after spoiling many many clothes.I became what they believed eventually.thank you

To my wonderful friends who have become my sisters:mrs olowookere,she's a rare gem,a woman of destiny who's virtues I cannot begin to extol.mrs akinyemi,bolaji owolabi,oluremi doyin,seun ajayi...they are my day to day heroes.they may not have built houses for the poor but they radiate hope and love everywhere they go.

To the founder of worldpulse and the many super women who give their voices to the voiceless,you have made my days beautiful and fulfilling.thanks for giving us a platform to speak.thank you.

And to the many wonderful great women whose stories I have heard,which have encouraged me and geared me towards doing that which I desire to do,whose stories cause stirrings within my heart,thank you!

You have and are still all doing so well,take a pause,raise ur glasses..cheers!. I celebrate you all Thank you!

Take action! This post was submitted in response to International Women's Day 2013.


I stand with you, hand in hand, celebrating the beauty in all of our PulseWire sisters who refuse to be put down and unapologetically raise their voices and shout "I will not be ignored!".

E se.

Lol No probs,get your pen and paper Goodmorning= e kaaro Goodafternoon=ekaasan Goodevening=ekaale Goodnight=odaaro That's quite a handful I suppose? If I'm right,you do have some yoruba friends or how did you get to know about the language?


This is great, thank you. I learnt by looking it up the internet. :-)

I look forward to learning more from you, not just yoruba but what daily life is like for you in Nigeria. Od'igba.

Simply put,life I beautiful Mine revolves round school(the hospital),church,home(which doubles as my work place) simple as it Is enjoy each day thoroughly. And sometimes,I get to attend the really large wedding ceremonies that take place here where we get to all wear the same cloth(aso-ebi) and dance till you're tired to the local music (especially fuji which is my favourite) You should try going for one sometime! You'l love it


It all sounds wonderful. Maybe one day I can travel to meet you and many of my PulseWire sisters. Then we will dance and dance until the sun rises.

Being able to connect with other around u is a plessing thank god for. Happy women day for all beautiful women around the world. Ola

It is never too late to try make your way to your dream and left up your expectation.Sudanes Women Building

No woman is an island on her own...and standing on the shoulder of giants helps one reach heights beyond imaginations. I'm honored and blessed to know y'all dear sisters,thank you.