HI all

I've created a calendar and trying to post URL here to see if you all can access it. Never tried ths before.. it's linked to my gmail so not sure how to do this. do any of you know?

Here's the URL: http://www.google.com/calendar/render




The way it works is you should use group member's emails and send invites to each of us to the calendar. Inside the calendar you created, there should be an "invite people to view/edit" option and that is where you would plug in group members' emails. Mine is alice DOT backer AT Gmail.

Looking fwd.

Thanks AC and Alice! I clicked on the link that AC sent and got a calendar, to which I added the Sustainable Haiti Conference, Mar 17-19 in Miami. I didn't see a "save" feature, and on the left side it says "Janet Feldman's calendar", then below it "add", and AC's is one choice. So not sure if I got the right one or not. More feedback welcome!