Dear all,

I am sharing with you a gorgeous poem that Auma (Auma Leah) shared with me this past week, in the midst of the election violence that is gripping Kenya.

"I Would Rather Be Poor'
by Auma

I would rather be poor if this is how the rich behave
After all i'm wealthy in reason and resources

I would rather be uneducated if this is how the well
schooled behave
For they will have read more notes but i will be wiser

I would rather be hungry if this is how the satisfied
For in my hunger i will be humane

I would rather be a guard at the parliament gate if
this is how the politicians behave
For i will brush shoulders with them at the entrance
and not participate in their sly schemes

I would rather be powerless if this is how the
powerful behave
For in my toothlessness i will bite harder and deeper.


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Thoughtful and beautiful! Thanks for posting. May we all start the new year in the spirit of Auma's poem: wise, humane, and rich in "reason and resources."