Stop Women Ironing in Bamenda Women Ironing in Bamenda must stop. This barbaric and new form of violence is cropping up in the city of Bamenda where men believe that having their women to be ironed with electrical irons is the best punishment given to them for making them angry. This first happened in Tabessi, Mile Two Nkwen and then in Meta Quarters and now in Douala where a nine year old girl’s face was ironed by her aunty for taken food without permission. Women have to join their voice to stop and condemn such inhuman treatment before it becomes a kaka worm in our communities.


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Hi Adahmbah,

Thank you for sharing this topic. It's really unfortunate that this tactic is applied, and even more appalling that its use is spreading. What actions are currently being applied to curb this action?

Please keep raising awareness about this topic so that it can be halted before it spreads any more!

Thank you, Amir

The authorities and the legal department are invistigating to understand why these men will have to committe such a babric act.The vitimes are undergoing treatment. I will keep you infromed. Adah

Hi Adahmbah,

Thank you for your post and for shedding light on this awful form of violence that is taking hold in Bamenda. I have not heard about this act before and your post is exactly what makes World Pulse so important. We are all grateful that you are using your voice on this platform to educate the world. Keep up the great work!