I wear orange because I have Overcome violence and I’m Running for change, to Advocate and Never to become a victim of gender base violence. We’re women of Gold and empowered to change."Let join to end all forms of violence against women with ORANGE as in: O stands for all to Overcome Violence R for Running for Change A for Advocate for change N for Never to become a victim G for Gold as precious as a woman E for Empowered to change Let join to end all forms of violence against women with ORANGE

Take action! This post was submitted in response to Take Back the Tech 2013.


Wish you more courage and support for the best,while you stand up against the violence and Orange really rocks and shimmers ,as the glowing sun! Thanks, Soumya

Best wishes,


Worldpulse Community Champion

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I love the acronym and color association. It provides a great way to not only stand behind a movement, but represent it without words. To Orange and it's strong sentiments! Thank you for sharing!

Dear Adahmbah,

I love your acronym! Not only is Orange one of my favorite colors, but now when I wear it I will also be thinking of you and your powerful message.

Thanks so much for sharing your passion as an Advocate for Change!



~ Julie Thompson

Wonderful! I must saw I always like acronyms! And I like Orange too! A powerful message for sure but also one that is memorable and hard to forget. Sometimes messages that are short and to the point are the best ones. Best of luck to you.


Good for you Adahmbah! Your words are an inspiration to us all! Keep on standing up for what you believe in and for what you deserve in life. I look forward to hearing more from you in the WP community!

"Ours is not the task of fixing the entire world all at once, but of stretching out to mend the part of the world that is within our reach" (Clarissa Pinkola Estes, author and poet)

Thank you very much for your encouragement and contributions. I love you great women and let’s keep the spirit to unite against all forms violence. Wishing you all, the best celebrations during this wonderful season of love, joy and reconciliation. Marry Xmas and a prosperous New Year 2014. Adah

Here's to Orange!

That is the color of marigolds, of energy and enthusiasm, passion and creativity. Thank you for sharing your words and what you hold dear - it offers us a rich symbol to celebrate.

Warmly, Frances

I will do my best sister. Even though I walk through the shadow of dead I shall not fear, for the power in our thought and actions are greater and stronger and can change our world. Thanks again Adah

Thanks dear and we all are part of the orange world and it really keeps us moving and nourishes our minds with great energy, enthusiasm, passion and creativity that flowers our communities. Thanks again dear. Adah


Thank you for creating a powerful symbolism to unite women and people around the world to end violence against women. You bring beauty, strength and vision with the vision of ORANGE - we are ORANGE Leaders of Change!

With Gratitude,

Linda M. Ando

Thanks Linda, Indeed we make the change where there seems to be no change. Orange leaders as educators of the world. Orange Leaders with versions and power to put smiles on weary faces, fighting for equality and seekers of solutions. We are precious ORANGE Leaders of Change! Adah

Dear Adahmbah,

It is immediately clear from your words that you are a woman of great courage. Your strength and bravery shine through in ORANGE letters, and when ever I wear orange now, I will consider it a tribute to what you have overcome and the way that you are calling upon your own pain to help others. Adahmbah, never lose sight of your unique magnificence. You are a beautiful being with much to give. And may all good and loving things come to you. With Respect and Love, Sarah

Sarah Whitten-Grigsby

Your acronym for ORANGE is superlative! You are very creative... very imaginative.... very expressive,,, very passionate! You have encapsulated the message that women should be free from violence in six letters. You are a splendid wordsmith, Adambah! Continue to rally behind abused women. Continue to shout the ORANGE message! We are one with you. Go! Go! Go!

Ma. Lydia G. CallanoIloilo, Philippines+63 33 3158137 or 5138830

thank you for sharing this unique and creative message. I also like acronyms as well as the color ORANGE. When I see colors, I think of the corresponding chakra, or energy point, in our body. As you may know, Orange is the color of the second chakra, which represents the energy of creativity. I believe that we need to be both creative as courageous as we work to end violence and oppression.

Thank you for walking your path, however challenging it may be. Know that there are many beside you, all with the same destination of peace, safety, freedom, justice.

In peace, Beverly

I'm so over whelmed with your wonderful contributions and praises. Thanks a million for adding some value to the fight to eliminate all forms of violence against women. As we speak someone is being violated and killed. We need to continue this fight with all our minds and efforts for renewal, revival, restoration, refreshment and rejuvenation in the lives of victims of violence. Thanks Adah

Dear Adahmbah,

I'm sorry to say that I'm not familiar with the project ORANGE. I agree with the principles you outlined and urge you to continue to spread your information with others. All girls and women need to declare their independence and stand united against gender abuse. Congratulations on your article. blessings, William

HI Adahmbah,

Thank you so much for taking the time to sharing your writings with us. It is very creative of you to pick a color to represent women's struggles. You have made an easy, yet effective way to express our collective challenges and hopes to others.

All the best, Mila

I stand with you and many more sisters all over the world in advocating for change and finding solutions to the issues of violence against women. Good job with spelling out ORANGE and using the letters to make meaningful connections. Thanks, Adahmbah

Soumya, Amirchima, Julie and Amy, are part of the great achievements of CHANGE in the lives of so many women in the world. Clarissa Pinkola, Frances, Linda M, and Beverly, have stood as sisters to Overcome Violence in their communities but we need to encourage more women to be able to acknowledge the various signs and symptoms of Violence in order to join the race and start Running for change like Bina Patel, Sarah and Mia. William, Mila, Pushpa and Cassie are breaking the silence, so Speak out and Advocate for change. Ma. Lydia G ,Chinemu and Jumi, are fight Never to become victims of Violence for they are as precious as Gold equiped to Empowered others for change. Lets All Join To End All Forms of Violence Against Women for a new beginning in 2014. Happy New year and God’s Blessing. Adah