No Computers!! No Women!! No Development!!

Access to affordable and relevant health services and to accurate, comprehensive health information are fundamental human rights. Yet, gender-based discrimination, lack of access to education, poverty, and violence against women and girls can all prevent these rights from being realized. Single mums and girls face a lot challenges when it comes to sexual reproductive health rights and safe motherhood.They lack accurate information about HIV transmission; the ability to choose whether and when to get pregnant; response to violence against women; and services for sexually transmitted infections and reproductive tract illnesses, because they lack of computer skills.

Mother of Hope Cameroon (MOHCAM) in her fight to educate single mums and girls is organizing a three days digital empowerment workshop in the summer to raise awareness on single mums and girl’s sexual reproductive health rights and basic computer skills. They will be given the chance to learn leadership skills, build self-confidence and to better understand new marketable skills when using visual training tools.The programme is aimed at challenging prevalent gender stereotypes in communities, particularly those that reduce the aspirations of girls in rural communities, where traditions are firmest and patriarchal systems still remain very strong.For single mums and girls to fully participate in their communities and enjoy their rights, they need a life free from gender-based discrimination- a life with the opportunity to be educated, to work,to be healthy and to participate in all aspects of public life. However, millions women and girls are frequently beaten, raped, mutilated, killed and subjected to gender violence which limits their opportunities.

Our ongoing campaign is working to connect rural and underprivileged single mums and girls to the world. Also some educated women are computer illiterate and can’t properly handle leadership positions. Computer literacy will opens doors to share information and build like-minded ventures networks. Most rural single mums and girls who are engaged in farming and petite trading will acquire computer skills which will enable them to market their products.They will be able meet with other women and mentors who will direct them in their activities and businesses.They will find forums where they can showcase and gain global exposure for their work.

To enable these positive improvements in our communities, MOHCAM is organizing a training workshop to empower 30 single mums and girls from Mubang Ntsen Nkwen village and equip them with basic skills in information communication technology (computing), and also to educate them about women's reproductive health to help them rise to meet the challenges they face daily.

This workshop will take place in Foncha-street Nkwen-Bamenda from the 28th–30th of July 2014 at the Ets.ALMA Cybercafé opposite Providence Clinic.

We intend to extend this training to fresh women and girls entering just universities. Due to the limited Internet access, high school students entering universities in Cameroon are not familiar with the Internet’s power use for research in their studies. Those who go on-line simply use it to send or read emails and chat.These women and girls lack the basic skills to access the vast learning materials available on-line.

When Cameroon's women and girls succeed, Cameroon succeeds! Women and girls in Cameroon make up more than half of the population. They are the breadwinners and the backbone of our economy, yet they still face harsh treatment due to outdated customs and traditions which hold them back. They are still regarded as their husband’s property, with limited rights in most communities. This workshop will enable them to become local community reporters who can share information and advocate for women's rights and positive change for everyone.

Equipped with basic computer skills, like-minded people can come together to improve their skills and share their experiences. This will increase productivity and encourage innovation in their businesses and workplace. Togetherness and love will be fostered in young minds, who will then be positioned for the mentoring and training which will enable them to create and contribute to a better economic system in Cameroon.

Computers are tools needed by all women and girls for a rapid change! You Can Help! There are plenty of steps we can take to strengthen our future, but first we need to take action. We shall be grateful if you would donate your used Internet-capable phones, computers or electronic gadgets to help women learn and participate effectively in our computer literacy workshop. We also need assistance in getting these devices safely to us in time for the workshop and would appreciate any suggestions or offers of help to bring donated devices to Cameroon so that we can make them available to the workshop participants.

Thank you for your support! Computing is our Business!!!

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Can you repost this as a Need in the Resource Exchange? I think this will give you post more visibility and readers will know that you are looking for assistance. I was just looking in the Communications Technology section and that seems to be the best category, although Travel and Transport might also be a good one to seek people who can help bring ICT equipment donations to you.

What you are doing is so important, Adah, and I wish you the best of success with your campaign to empower young women entering university with digital tools and skills! It's a brilliant idea to help them maximize their education while studying at Uni and you deserve all the assistance you need in getting it all set up and equipped for the girls this summer!

Much Love and Respect, Hannah

With your support we are already there.I have followed your advised and i have posted it as need in the Resource Exchange.I hope many women who want to see their sisters educated will all come and support our work.Thank you sister and we shall get there some day. My Regards Adah

Hi Adah- Thank you for sharing this great opportunity with the community! I am glad to see Hanah as guided you to post in the Resources section. Since this is a training opportunity, it would be a good idea to post under Resource Exchange-Opportunities:

I hope that may be of benefit to many!

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I have a question for you Michelle - can Needs be posted in multiple categories? I ask because this is indeed a training opportunity, but Adah is looking for donations and someone to help get those donations to her so her workshop participants will be able to use them for the workshop, too. I'm still getting a feel for how all these great World Pulse features work...

Hana- Apologies for this delayed reply. In the future, please do message me to alert me of urgent questions so that I do not inadvertently miss them. I would say yes, that needs/resources could be posted in a couple different places. Typically I post a needs or resource, then also post a link to that resource in my journal, as you can see in the May 26th post in my journal: Utilize this website and community as best works for you and for the benefit of the community.

Again, please feel free to message me any thoughts or questions you may have. Thanks for bringng up a good question!

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