I was watching CNN channel this morning on TV when a young girl caught my attention. This young girl (whose face was covered) was describing the ordeal she went through being raped. When the interviewer asked her what she wanted to do to the man who raped her, she replied 'To kill him!".

I am very ANGRY at the rising cases of rape among girls and women who are kidnapped by these terrorists (Boko Haram, ISIS etc). Our girls and women are battered and treated like animals by people who are supposed to PROTECT them!. In most cases, many of these women are helpless and the shame is unbearable.

In today's world where someone wakes up, takes a gun and starts killing people like animals either for money or self- gratification, all I can say is God please protect us and save our girls and women from these BEASTS!.

Our girls and women deserve to be treated with RESPECT!.