It is exciting when you get a new computer and starts using a program on it. But, having a program on your computer is one thing and understanding how to use it to its full potential is another thing!.  

Keeping records, calendar, financial accounts etc are some of the things that technology has made a whole lot easier for so many people.

It is very important for an individual to learn how to use a software and other products or devices in direct relation to what they need it for. For example, if you are a property management expert and you have Excel installed in your computer. If you are unable to apply it (Excel) to your area of expertise, you may find it a bit frustrating especially if the main purpose of having the software installed on your computer was to make your task/job easier. That’s why things like proper computer training are so important.

What can Technology do for You?

Let us discuss...share your thoughts :)


1.  I wish I can keep proper records of my customers using a computer program.

 2. I wish I can reach out to more people to increase my customer base.




Thank you for raising this important point about how it's best to learn when you actually have a problem you want to solve or a need.  This is a great way for the WP community to think about what would be most useful.

Hi Adanna, 

This is a great post and you ask some important questions.  For some that are new to using technology it can be quite daunting.  If you think about things in terms of solving a problem with technology - like keeping better records or being able to quickly find customer contact names and numbers, etc - I am thinking of the find feature I use in excel :)  it can be very helpful.  

I would also like to share about online tools - for those that do not have Microsoft Office installed on their computing device - using Google Docs for example - sheets is their spreadsheet tool and it offers the same type of functionality as excel does.  They have a word processing application and a presentation application as well.  When you create using these docs you can store them in the cloud and access them from anywhere.  


Hi Adanna, your post is a great contributor to the community especially those that are new in the technology world. your contribution on Google.Docs is useful to the growth of intellectuals on InfoTech. Thanks keep it up