“Conditions that are created by thoughts are far more powerful than conditions create thoughts” Norman Vincent Pearl

How I wish I had discovered this fact at an early stage of my life. But all the same, my life has been turned around for really understanding this fact. As a survivor of spousal abuse, I got to a point in my life where I accepted the lies that were pumped in to my head by my abuser. He thought he had the right to tell me that I was “a no body”, “I could do nothing right”, and that I wouldn’t survive without him”. Today, I call them lies, but at that time, I sincerely though those words were true about me.

There were times when I stood before the mirror and I could only see this ugliest, pitiful and stupidest, nobody. My thoughts were distorted because of the emotional abuse I was going through.

Thank God, with the same eyes today, I honestly see the most beautiful, powerful and intelligent woman that this world has ever seen. At times I ask myself “with whose eyes did you use to see yourself those days?”. What has changed? Simply put: my thoughts - indeed the inflow of new positive thoughts can remake one’s life.

This was made possible because I discovered two books. One, The power of positive thinking by Norman Vincent Peale and the other ‘The battle field of the mind’ by Joyce Meyer. Through these books,

  •   I discovered my true identity.
  • That I am in charge of my thoughts, I don’t have to think whatever drops in my mind
  • I am what I think about myself and not what somebody else says
  • How to feed my mind with wholesome thoughts

As Joyce Meyer will put it ‘ I’m not where I should be, but I’m certainly not where I used to be’. Each day I practice to think about what I’m thinking periodically to make sure I’m not thinking trash.

As the Bible sums it up “As a man thinketh, so is he”. Indeed the battle field is in the mind and this battle is first won in the mind.


Sophia, thank you for sharing your story. yes, i agree, i wish i had a father who treated his wife/my mother with respect and kindness. drunken rages were the norm. thus, i have been in a series of abusive relationships. Being from a country that it is OK, to be single, not to get married and live together, not to have children. though i worked in batterred women's shelter's from my early 20s, it took me until into my 40s that i claimed gentleness as my priority, oh and since i carried my father's rage, that meant i needed to be gentle also. Our minds are so very possible. We have unlimited potential. Yes, you are beautiful and smart and write articulately well!! May you persevere with your goals joyously and diligently. blessings on your path.

Rahmana Karuna, Dance leader for DancesofUniversalPeace, Nurse Practitioner Midwife evolved to Spiritual Midwife, Arvigo Therapy, Walking the Sufi path of Hazrat Inayat Kahn lineage, a path of the heart

Hi Rahmana, thanks very very much for your kind words. You Have indeed even empowered me more to fight harder to see the end of spousal abuse. Thanks for sharing yours as well. 



Hi Sophia. I have read one of the books of Norman Vincent Peale and I found it to be a real anchor to push ahead through challenging times. 

What you share is very powerful -  especially when you say how differently you see yourself today - through the very same eyes! The 4 key points you have shared from the 2books which made a difference in your life are very important and we need to remember them. 

One of things that I remember from Norman Vincent Peale's book is writing down one of the empowering messages on a piece of paper and keeping it in our pockets so that at any point in time, if and when needed, we can touch it and remember it's there and feel the strength.

As you rightly said, keep practicing everyday. You are strong!

adisatu, beautiful writing.

I have read both books too. I also used to think I was ugly but girl, I call myself gorgeous daily! I had a boss whose first to do was to downgrade me, the youngest and most naive cheif accountant ever that left me in a serious case of depression. Please, lets be pals. I hope God will use us to encourage each other on our paths.